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Exclusive: REGULAR SHOW ANNUAL #1 coming in May

Get ready for an oversized collection of short stories, each story focusing on a different character or set of characters from REGULAR SHOW


Imprint: KaBOOM!

Genre: Humor

Retail Price: $4.99

On sale: May 2014

Authors: Kevin Burkhalter, T. Zysk, Yumi Sakugawa, Nick Sumida, and Andy Kluthe

Artists: Tessa Stone, T. Zysk, Yumi Sakugawa, Nick Sumida, and Andy Kluthe

Cover Artists: A. Allison Strejlau B. Jen Lee (Retailer Incentive) C. KC Green (Retailer Incentive)

Mordecai and Rigby find themselves at odds over a haunted pair of sneakers, Pops might be lost inside a hidden labyrinth and he’s not quite sure how he got there, and Skips might finally have a problem that even he can’t solve. It’s going to be an action-packed collection of stories!

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Absolutely love the cover art for all Regular Show comics. Looking forward to seeing this.

Posted by Xwraith

I feel like I'm the only Viner who cares about this comic.

Posted by 14NC3

Regular Show is a COMIC????

Posted by NightFang

@14nc3 said:

Regular Show is a COMIC????

It has a comic yes.

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I wanted to add it to my pull list, but I haven't had an opening yet. I hear its really good and captures the essence of the show

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