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Exclusive Preview: X-MEN #19

The X-Men have gone to S.W.O.R.D.'s spacestation. Too bad it was attacked and they're fighting for their lives.

X-MEN #19

(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Harvey Tolibao, Dexter Soy (CA) Terry Dodson

• With S.W.O.R.D.'s orbital headquarters, the Peak, literally hanging in the balance, the X-Men race into deep space to find the source of the new threat that's emerged from the abyss.

• But little do they suspect that lurking in the shadows of the Acanti Skunkworks, a conspiracy is waiting to entangle them...

• And what's worse is that it's a conspiracy that has connections to the deaths of Rachel Grey's family!

Rated T+

Item Code: JUL140700 In Shops: 9/3/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Posted by Pixel_Kaiser

Love these characters, and I want to be glad that the new creative team is adding a bit of levity to the banter that Brian Wood scripts always lack, but man, I dunno about this. The dialogue is seriously clunky; nobody talks like that. It reads like an Arrow script, but without the charm of the actors to carry it.

Also, I really hope they don't always call Jubilee by her full name every single time.

Posted by Sovereign91001

It seems like Betsy has a new psionic weapon every issue lol.

Posted by HuiZe

Will always love Dodson's art.

Posted by Veitha

It seems like Betsy has a new psionic weapon every issue lol.

yeah hahaha. I like them Wolverine's claws.

Posted by BrotherEye

Goodness, Sidri hunters? I might check this out.

Posted by Sifighter

Whoa, wait a minute! Did someone just remember that Ink existed?

Guess a cameo is better then being forgotten.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Nice. Love this run.

Posted by Mangakid1995

Will this be the X- Man story where they remembers that Abigail Brand is a mutant?! Let's find out!

Posted by Bl00dwerK

Rogue should totally be in this book...

Posted by TommytheHitman

Does SWORD ever do ANYTHING well?

Posted by frozenedge

Holy crap Ink? Wonder who decided to dust him out of the MIA section of the X-Men

Edited by X18999

Does SWORD ever do ANYTHING well?

The station blows up about five times a year but I guess its doing it job in preventing most aliens from blowing up cities instead.

Posted by Malachi_Munroe

It seems like Betsy has a new psionic weapon every issue lol.

omg yes! XD

.. Storm's eyes are seriously sexy right there O_O

Posted by Sovereign91001

@malachi_munroe: @veitha: I think the high point was last issue when she busted out that TK machine gun...don't know how they'll top that.

Posted by Malachi_Munroe
Posted by Malachi_Munroe

who is that guy that answered the phone?

Posted by lagozzino

@bl00dwerk said:

Rogue should totally be in this book...

Pretty sure the only reason Rogue got pulled out of the book was because editorial wanted to make her "death" in the then-current Uncanny Avengers storyline seem more believable. Can't raise a bunch of buzz about killing off Rogue in one book if she's off being totally fine in another book.... Poor Mr. Wood, his run got screwed so bad...

Posted by Overlander

Where's Lockheed when you need him. He loves to eat Sidrians

Posted by Eivion

Does SWORD ever do ANYTHING well?

They are like SHIELD, meaning unless the story is actually taking place in a book of its own, no they don't do anything right. Its actually rather annoying considering Fury and Brand themselves are incredibly competent.

Posted by oldnightcrawler

hahaha.. "PSINIKT"

that's pretty good..

Man, I think I'm gonna like this run. I guess it's a fair point that the dialogue is pretty cheesy, but in my mind these are mostly Claremont's characters, and he never wrote any of their dialogue like anyone actually talks..

Posted by kingmezidor7

DeathBird Pregnant' Yes The Summer Clan Just Made Another 360° Revolution.

Posted by ShadowPro

Also, I really hope they don't always call Jubilee by her full name every single time.

totally agree on that, it is awfull

Posted by Blizaga101

psinikt - best part of the preview