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Exclusive Preview: THE MOVEMENT #4

It's the Movement vs the police. Things are escalating. Plus, find out more about Mouse.

Next week the fourth issue of Gail Simone and Freddie E. Williams II's THE MOVEMENT is on sale. The team is taking on the police department and they're in a bit of a stalemate as both want their comrade returned. It's all escalating and you can see it's all about to explode.

Check out our exclusive preview courtesy of DC Entertainment.


The Movement takes a stand against the police that they can’t come back from, and Coral City is on the brink of war!

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: Freddie E Williams II

Cover by: Amanda Conner

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Aug 7 2013

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Posted by cameron83

Is this book still going?

Posted by Psycho_Soldier

I give it 4 issues more, hopefully 3,...

Posted by ShadowX

I hope its still going once i get the money to buy comics. I really wan to read it but with no job i kind of cant

Posted by ImagineMan16

I'm always back and forth on buying this. I enjoy what I've read of it, but it hasn't blown me away by any means, either.

Posted by sweatboy

Let's name him "The VERMIN-ATOR!"

Posted by TitanTempest

I like this book, it has a unique art style and a cast of heroes that feel different than other parts of the DCU. I hope this book continues and grows into more. While i love the Justice League, Batman, Superman, (ect) books, Im glad to books that are not strictly focused on the "primary heroes". People claim DC lacks diversity. If you truly believe that, then purchase this book to show DC that diversity is what you want, and truly what you demand! Give it a chance, please and thank you. (end

Posted by jointron33

@titantempest: Too late, your request will fall on deaf ears and yet ppl will blame DC.

Posted by jwalser3

So glad I didn't pick this up.

Posted by Sifighter

I'm really loving this book so far, the characters are great and very diverse, they are fighting for a cause that most heroes probably wouldn't fight for, and while also making a great teen superhero book. The only thing wrong with this preview is that I question the choice to reveal Mouse's origin within the first few pages of the preview. I think that was something that was not really necessary, although I find it pretty cool how the rats looked like really weird disgusting puppy's while in the baby crib.

Posted by TitanTempest

@jointron33: Yeah I figured, but I wouldn't being doing my part if I didn't try :( ..... People never give anything a solid try. My favorite part of comics is seeing the small ideas come to fruition in the long run. but when something is canceled before that happens, then we get five more Batbooks. Just sad. I know that DC stands for Detective Comics, but dang it will be the BATuniverse before too long

@sifighter: agreed!!!

Posted by The Stegman

I gave this series a shot, but it didn't impress me enough to add to my pull.

Posted by Sifighter

@titantempest Exactly, I love to read Marvel and DC. I love reading all the generic stuff like Avengers, X-men, Batman, and etc. but I'm still going to read original work or ideas to see if they are good and to make sure that the only comics that we have aren't all Avengers, X-men, Batman, and etc. If we never let new ideas originate then we will just be stuck reading the same thing years from now. There's nothing wrong with that but I'd like to see more creativity.

Posted by wisesonAC
Posted by Badmojo7A

Honestly the movement has been pretty disappointment. Somebody else pointed some of the flaws.

1, The movement are supposed to be the underdogs? How? They got crazy powered teens as leaders. They have the local (and growing) people behind them, they have the internet/media they can use to exploit. If anything, the police are the ones that are seriously overwhelmed. Serious imbalance issue.

2, Evil developer is the bad guy? Seriously that is the best they can come up with? Lex luthor he is not. Not only that, he (as far as I can tell) doesn't have any superpowers, nor does his henchmen which all seem to be nothing but cops or cannon fodder.

3, the leader of the movement is attacking the chief emotionally/mentally...the one decent cop in the comic that actually seems to be a good guy and she is harassing him. Actually, it seems the cops in the precinct are the 'good' ones, while the ones that captured the member are the corrupt ones. So of COURSE everybody is attacking the GOOD cops.

4, the movement in theory about everyone working together for a common good regardless of standing. However you have to have super powers (and apparently young) to be the inner circle. Hell, they grabbed the demon kid and put him in the group just because he is powerful. Apparently it does not matter that his power comes with a heavy helping of psycho.

5, I do not care about any of the cast in the movement. The leader is full of egotistical self righteousness, who seems to get pleasure in torment the one good cop (as far as I can tell). Virtue? Yea right. Tremor? Know nothing about her and she is very forgettable. Mouse? Am I supposed to feel something besides wanting to get a giant can of rodent repellent? His personality and powers are not entertaining or comical, they are just gross and disturbing (not in the good way), katharsis? Two dimensional hot head, solve all problems with violence (well, the whole team is like that, but she is the worst). Burden? A jekyll and hyde, except jekyll is a relgious nut and hyde is a psycho demon(?), Vengence Moth, the only character that seems somewhat with brains, except for her blind loyalty and faith to the leader. She said something stupid like "Virtue is caeser", what? I SOOOOO wanted someone to have a comeback with "so she is into slavery, burning Christians, throwing people she does nto like into a ring to fight each other for her amusement, and will eventually be betrayed by her closest allies and friends?".

There are more, but you get the gist. The comics are a complete mess and thinking of dropping the series.

Posted by millennium

@badmojo7a: watch out if the Gail Simone fan boys / girls will see this and their going to be very angry with you but all joking aside i thought dc missed the mark when they went with this type of book since it came out a year or so after the whole occupy wall street thing that happened and i half to agree this book has been very lackluster

Posted by sage1000

@badmojo7a: number 5 is exactly why I still pick the series, the characters are flawed in a lot of ways and shortsighted when fighting for their goals which admittedly are good and I want to see these flaws come to bite them in the ass, I want to see them struggle with the choices they make and deal with the consequences which is something we won't see in any of the big name comics cause those guys have to be the good guys through and through but these kids well they can straddle the line.

My only complaint is that I've not been given a reason to root or like them

Posted by Outside_85

TBH I am also puzzled by this book, Simone is great when she is working in the gray area, Secret Six proved that. But with this book I can't really see the presence of that magic, and I think it's because the 'good guys' believe they are the good guys and not the bad guys. The police obviously believe they are the good guys... regardless of how rotten some of them are. The Movement on the other hand also believe they are the good guys, except they appear to be more of a collection of anarchists who just hate the system (with good reason for once).

That said, I am interested in seeing how a meeting with the rest of the DCU will pan out. Will the Movement be hollowed out by the Green Team buying the city and gives it a serious make over? Will they take any crap from Tim Drake and his collection of mental patients? Or will they all be gunned down when they come home and find Ms. System; Amanda Waller, waiting for them?

Posted by ptigrusmagus

What's with the negative attitude towards people who don't like or don't want to try this comic? It should be obvious reading this book is not for everyone. I think some want diversity but with other secondary characters yet to appear in the New 52, not some pseudo political social commentary BS. I would like DC to expand/diversify their cosmic line and I support those comics with my wallet, not by putting other people down who don't like cosmic books.

Posted by Sifighter


I'm not trying to put anyone down, but if it sounds this way I am sorry. However I'm just saying people should try to give it a chance, because its a pretty good book. However I understand people may not like it and I'm ok with that.

Posted by jointron33

So is this some über liberal left leaning rhetoric.

Posted by Jasoninthewoods
Posted by Jasoninthewoods

The Justice League would shut this down in two seconds.

Posted by BR_Havoc

Thinking of picking this up in a trade to try it out. It reminds me of a Marvel book that came out about 13 years ago called the Brotherhood. I just hope the movement does not become home grown terrorists like the Brotherhood did.

Posted by TheAuroraChild

I think some want diversity but with other secondary characters yet to appear in the New 52, not some pseudo political social commentary BS.

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Really enjoying this book so far! Definitely can't wait for this to be out soon :)