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EXCLUSIVE Preview! The Anchor #2 From Boom! Studios

The fun continues and more secrets are revealed in the second issue.

If you saw my review for issue #1 of The Anchor by Phil Hester, Brian Churilla and Matthew Wilson, you know what this series is about.  If you haven't seen my review, go watch it now.  Just click HERE and I'll wait until you get back.
Okay, Boom! Studios has given us an exclusive first look at issue #2.  While there seems to have been loads of new comic series coming out lately, this is one that has some potential.   The Anchor is a dude who's soul is in Hell while his body is on Earth.  His mission appears to be fighting back the hordes of Hell and prevent them from invading Earth.  It's not an easy task and often some creatures manage to get through.  The Anchor has to fight the battle on two fronts.  Any damage done to his soul also affects his physical body.  There have already been comparisons to both Hellboy and the Goon.  While I can see some of those comparisons, the Anchor is so much more than just a copy or inspiration of those characters.  This book is definitely worth checking out.  You've probably already read comics by Phil Hester and the art and color here are amazing.
I am curious to see what happens next.  And now, thanks to Boom! we're getting this early look:

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seems interesting
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What happened to the this?  The preview before issue one was so cool but the actual book has nothing to do with that preview.  I am extremely disappointed in this book and angry at how misleading the whole thing has been.

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sooo geting this
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"...and very light."
That was pretty good!