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A new mini-series focusing on the most cosmic villains in the TMNT universe.


Paul Allor (w) • Andy Kuhn (a & c) Kevin Eastman (variant cover)

Intrigue and betrayal abound on Burnow Island! This mini-series takes us to the Technodrome where Krang’s plans to destroy the Earth are ramping up. Little does he know that Baxter Stockman plans to harness its power for himself! As the two villains scheme, one imprisoned robot holds the key to success—Fugitoid! Will he be able to reach out to the Turtles in time? All this plus the long awaited story of the alien Utrom race!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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Edited by AllStarSuperman

Interesting, I like the Fugitoid, but the Utrom arc in TMNT volume 5 was by far the worst of the series so far.

Posted by Rubear

Fistly read as Ultron, heh. xD

Posted by Xwraith

Kuhn's art is ugly, but there's no way in hell I'm missing this.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

The one called Krang is pleased to see the return of the one called Krang.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@xwraith said:

Kuhn's art is ugly, but there's no way in hell I'm missing this.

yes, yes it is

Posted by Ando123


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Posted by manwithoutshame

I like Kuhn's art. It's nice and cartooney.

Posted by NightFang

The Kraang are so freaking annoying, thank God for the IDW Ultrons.

Posted by addikhabbo

Looks like Lex.

Posted by spinningbirdcake

How long is this? Might get it if it's only three or so issues long.

And the art is good. I feel like I'm living in a world where anything that doesn't come from the Jim Lee school of art is classified as not good. Kind of annoying.

Posted by mattwing87

The story sounds interesting! Not digging the art but I'll look past it!

Posted by MachelleCHunter

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So Krang is now a Utrom? They are from DimentionX & they created the Triceratop aliens from dino DNA from Earth?

Dont really like that. I get Krang might have been based on them, but keep him seperate. Maybe have them be similar, an off-shoot from the same planet, Utroms & Krang-Lizards, & thusly when he lost his body, Krang looks like an Utrom. Maybe even have him infiltrate the Utroms, but dont be an Utrom.

& the triceratops aliens should be their own race. What did they create Wingnut & screwloose race's too?