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Exclusive Preview: SUPERGIRL #20

Is this the end of Supergirl? Good thing there's a spare hanging around, right?

Supergirl and Power Girl in the same comic. It's a cool idea considering they're sort of the same character, only from different 'worlds.' EARTH 2 writer, James Robinson has said the unofficial rule is you can't have an Earth 2 and Earth Prime version of the same character. Clearly Power Girl is the exception to the rule.

Last issue, with all the craziness of last month's titles, we not only saw a confrontation between the two, but also the return of Power Girl's original costume. With issue 20 out next week, things aren't looking too good for Supergirl. Check out our exclusive preview courtesy of DC Comics.


Supergirl is dead—Long live Supergirl! Or so it seems as the strange connection between the Karas has Power Girl becoming Supergirl again.

Written by: Michael Alan Nelson

Art by: Mahmud Asrar

Cover by: Emanuela Lupacchino

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: May 15 2013

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Posted by Fantasgasmic

Wow, someone's been playing Porta,l I take it. What with the sassy AI trying to kill someone and all.

Posted by blkson

Am I the only one who started hearing Sanctuarys voice as GLADoS once it started getting insistent about following the blue lights?

@blkson said:

Supergirl's costume is still the most ridiculous thing I've seen in the new52, outside of Bronze Tiger being an actual tiger... Kal El gets battle armor and Supergirl gets a bikini? And are the boobs all people like about Powergirl? sheesh. I mean was it really that big of a deal that they covered them up?

I don't think you know what a bikini is.

Ha! you're right she gets a one piece bathing suit, not a bikini.

Posted by sora_thekey

Has this book always been this fun?? 'Cause I might've been missing out.

Posted by Owie

That does actually look fun. And I kind of like the art.

Costume-wise, I think Supergirl's red and yellow "vagina arrow," as I think of it, is a lot worse than the boob window.

Posted by nappystr8

"And maybe a little too old for that outfit, too." That's got to be the line of the week. Love Asrar's art too, hopefully he'll end up on a book I read one of these days.

Edited by fodigg

Sanctuary may be the best addition to this book ever.

Edited by G_Money_Christmas

Pretty sure there is one BIG way to tell them apart... Well, two, actually haha

I'm kind of sad I dropped this book. I did enjoy it, I just had to cut down on my pull list.

Edited by RedQueen

Wait, was this the first issue with the new writer? If it is, my excitement for what he's got planned has gone into overdrive, plus this Kara feels a lot like the old one.

Posted by TheUnN4med

Hahaha that was very funny. I think I'm going to pick this up.

I missed PG old costume so much

Edited by AlForeigner

This issue looks promising, I might pick it up

Edited by pspin

I wonder if Sanctuary will tell them about some possibly real cake next?

Am I the only person who liked Power Girl's new costume, I mean I like the old one is great and everything but the new one wasn't bad just a different. It is not like she wore it much anyway...

@sora_thekey said:

Has this book always been this fun?? 'Cause I might've been missing out.

No It has been a bit more serious. This is the first issue with Micheal Alan Nelson as the writer instead of Mike Johnson and it definitely has a much lighter tone. That being said, the first 20 issues are really good but mostly lack the humor here and are more angst-filled by focusing on the fact that she is a teenager from another planet. It is probably my favorite series in the entire New 52

Posted by feargalr

Man that boob window really is ridiculous, but then again so is Supergirls outfit, I mean the crotch area doesn't leave much to the imagination... Marvel has done a great job recently redesigning their female heroes, like Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Psylocke all look great I think.. perhaps DC should take a hint

Edited by TeamUnitedNerds

That makes no sense. How could PG's outfit have been Supergirl's if her breasts are far too small to wear it without it falling off?

Posted by lifeboy

@xtremekidx: no. This is a new writer starting with this issue. Check out CV interview under alan nelson.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

See now this is the team-up of Kara and Kara I always wanted to happen! This is hilarious. Can't wait for this issue!

Posted by Darkmount1

Did anyone notice that they changed the cover completely?

Posted by lifeboy

@owie: DAMN!! Vagina arrows and Boob windows! This comic is getting HOT!

Posted by Aiden Cross

Hm.. Seems i might have to start reading this :)

Posted by Stormbox

@akbogert: I guess so but youd think dc would try to cash in on yet another superhero death by making a big event and stuff like that lol

Posted by akbogert

@stormbox: That's also fair.

Since we started talking I've read a few more interviews and such and I'm pretty sure nothing like a death is going to happen. The new writer has discussed making this book more light-hearted and it looks like if this is the tone of a "death" story, then what follows should be equally entertaining.

Edited by UrbanChill

some people just get way more offended than they should when it comes to power girl and her costume...

like is it really that big of a deal or are you being led to believe its a big deal

Posted by Lightburst

I've been really hesitant about picking up Super girl for awhile now, but with this preview yeah Ill start picking this up. Also that interior art is so Beautiful why does superman AND Supergirl have to look so good?

Posted by Miss_Garrick

I think it's pathetic that APPARENTLY Power Girl can only be cool or popular in comics if she exposes her cleavage. Sheesh!

I really think this costume would have worked if it was used.

Edited by bloggerboy

The awkward moment when you realize a character written in the 70's is more progressive than how she is depicted in 2013.

That said this looks like a hilarious issue and worth getting.

Posted by kilowog52

Oh no! Did Supergirl cut her hair? When it comes to girls' hair, I always say the longer the better.

Posted by MyNameWasDeleted

I think it's pathetic that APPARENTLY Power Girl can only be cool or popular in comics if she exposes her cleavage. Sheesh!

I really think this costume would have worked if it was used.

your doctor really needs to adjust your dosage

Posted by weaponx


Edited by Sinestro2814

let's just hope that the artists don't get it into their heads that she needs the triple Z bra size again. It was lame as hell the first time out.....

Edited by Judge_Dredd

@sinestro2814: It was not lame. For one thing, Amanda Conner explained in interview how it has a positive message showing a woman of a very busty curvy body type and her being taken seriously, and us caring about her.

It's very strange to vilify a body type. People come in all shapes and sizes, and there are women with a JJ-cup bra etc much bigger than Power Girl's have been depicted.

Even in this preview Power Girl looks much more like the usual body type you see in DC comics. Personally I would like to see her go back to how she was drawn in her series by Conner or Basri etc.

Long story short, if you're vilifying a person for having breasts of a certain size or a certain body type, well, that's just the wrong way to look at things. If you think certain body types shouldn't be drawn, well, that's wrong.

Posted by Outside_85

Well it's nice to hear a lot of teenage boys will get through puberty again.

Edited by Herokiller12344

When will PeeGee just get the message and become an Adult Film star? I mean, come on we're all thinking it.

Posted by GWHH

looking better than it was

Edited by xkoenig

I preferred the original version.

Edited by cameron83

This book looks awesome! And it's actually really sad when Powergirl is written far better (closer to the one that we know and love) outside of her own book.Dead Giveaway (yes I've made the reference).

Is this what I've been missing out on with this book?!

Posted by SmashBrawler

@cameron83 said:

Is this what I've been missing out on with this book?!

Nope, this is a new writer. The book was more serious before.

Edited by Jorgevy

Yeah so that 5 page preview was at least as entertaining as all 12 Worlds' Finest issues so far.


Im quite excited for this issue! this was hilarious, hopefully now PG will return to her usual self

Posted by FatFriar_16

@dh69 said:

excellent now give me back ms marvels old suit, im tired of her looking like a star trek reject.

I second this.

Posted by Hanson724

This book has been on my pull list since issue 8 and its great! Best Super book out right now.

Edited by CaptHowdy

Once I heard one of my fave authors, Michael Alan Nelson was writing this book I instantly told my comic shop to start me at No. 20 for my pull list!

I've gone back thru the back issues to catch up and even slogged through the horrible H'el on Earth story arc that included the Supes and Superboy books too.

This is gonna be interesting seeing Nelson's trademark witty yet horrific style in this series. I still don't know how he's going to fit Cthulhu or Luci Jennifer Inagcio Das Neves in it :)

I am prepared! Looking so forward to it!

Posted by Spydey

A shame that the only good stories she has is when she's starring in someone else's series. Which again makes me wonder why WF hasn't been cancelled while those others were. Oh well. Maybe they plan to go down before sky rocketing up.

Posted by akbogert

I'm amused by how much of the conversation in this Supergirl thread is about Power Girl and her book/look (instead of about the panels/Supergirl).

I am looking forward to this issue. Hopefully this book is good enough to earn a spot on my pull list (perhaps to replace Mara, when that ends).

Edited by Ace20XD6

Am I the only one that found it funny that Supergirl complained about Powergirl's outfit when shape wise it's about the same as her's other than the cleavage.

Posted by Spudcommando

Is Kara dies, then this will have been the most pointless reboot in DC history. For that reason I don't see Kara going away anytime soon.

Posted by zacschneider2

And now I'm reminded of why I love PG. Smart, sassy, and ultimately fed-up with what the world's stupidity (although apparently SG is now in the same boat).

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen


Edited by snarkybits

Is there a version of this cover without all the wording and stuff?

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