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Exclusive Preview: SUICIDE SQUAD #12

The team is in another bad situation. Find out if there's any hope for them.

It's great to see a team book where the team isn't completely friendly with each other. Most of the time, other teams may bicker occasionally but they're together for a reason. Even the Justice League, where members have big trust issues, still get together because they understand the importance of being a team and taking on huge threats.

Suicide Squad is another story. They don't have too much of a choice in being on the team. Last issue, they found themselves in a bad situation. We'll find out if they can get out of it and more in this week's issue. Check out our exclusive preview courtesy of DC Comics.


THE SQUAD’S traitor is revealed!
BASILISK takes the fight to AMANDA WALLER’S home turf!




U.S. Price: $2.99

On Sale: August 8, 2012

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Posted by broo1232

Isn't something like this going on in Hulk?

Edited by Zeeguy91

This preview has gotten me excited. Last issue was good, but ended on a cliché note that I wasn't too sure about, but we'll see how this issue plays out.

Posted by sethysquare

YAY! Captain Boomerang comes back to the rescue or not. LOL.

Posted by The_Tree

F### yes, Harkness is back! A reason to pick up this title.

Posted by webofthornns

@broo1232: not really, this is humans sacrificing people, Hulk is gods running rampant

Posted by TheSmallvillefan12

Definitely picking this one up. Looks great.

Posted by bladewolf

This series has been pretty good so far, this issue already looks like a huge improvement over the last one. I'll be picking this up!

Posted by spidergirl2012

Love this series! One of my top comics each month

BB's Wife

Posted by LifePool

Suicide Squad on the latest news? Sweet, loved the series since issues 1.

Last issue was a bit 'eh' though, this looks better.

Posted by Blizaga101

@LifePool: aye deffinetely agree, lovin this traitor storyline so far. The last felt very much like a filler jus leading to this. i didnt really enjoy them being relaxed, prefer them in the life threatening sitchs, guess well be seeing that this issue :D

Posted by jwalser3

When did Captain Boomerang come back?

Posted by doordoor123
@spidergirl2012 said:

Love this series! One of my top comics each month

BB's Wife

Have you seen the short film called "the Spider?" You would love it. 
Posted by zackattack529

i hope boomerange finds his way into the flash title, the rougues have been settin up

Posted by TDK_1997

So far the series have been like average and nothing so interesting but the last issue wasn't that bad.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, seems there may be Red Hulk influence going on here. Still, I love the color and the art is amazing too.

Posted by Grey56

Dear DC - please bring back Gotham City Sirens. Thanks.

Posted by Adriell2124

I almost didn't recognize Deadshot without the porn 'stache. Bring back the mustache !

Posted by NightFang

@Adriell2124 said:

I almost didn't recognize Deadshot without the porn 'stache. Bring back the mustache !

Posted by Joygirl

@Grey56: Yes!

Posted by AlieraKieron

Yeah! Boomerang is back!

My all times favorite! I hope this time he will last on the title for a longer time, than the last one.

Posted by Skaddix

Yeah running out on Waller never a good idea

Posted by cameron83


I don't want him to look like joe dirts brother