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Exclusive Preview: STORMWATCH #18

Midnighter and Apollo continue their fight against Engineer. Will Zealot's presence help?

In the last issue or STORMWATCH, Engineer made her plans clear. Her attack separated the team and set up the appearance of another new character in the New 52. We also saw Zealot join Midnighter and Apollo. Will Zealot's presence be enough to help them win the fight?

DC Comics has given us an exclusive preview for the next issue, on sale Wednesday, March 6.

• The team battles one of their own for their very survival!
• The relationship of Midnighter and Apollo hits a rough patch when the Amazon-like Zealot joins the team!

Written by: Peter Milligan

Art by: Will Conrad

Cover by: Ken Lashley

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Mar 6 2013

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Posted by Big_Nasty

I would love to see Stormwatch vs JLI.

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy

lol midnighter right it not the right time ask if someone gay but still bahahahaha very funny no offense to anyone

Posted by UltraBiel

In the cover the robotic face looks like Danger...

Posted by jointron33

Omac shud kick midnighters dumbass

Posted by dondave

Picking this up

Posted by Rumble Man

o0o got dam

superpowered gay couple fight

Posted by Miss_Garrick

In the background, it looks like the Space Needle got Borgified. Yes I made that word up, it's something we geeks do!

Posted by BKole

This is more evidence of why Peter Milligan doesn't work well in Mainstream comics. His Constantine was excellent, but things like Stormwatch? They're just lacking something. I don't know what it is but they're lacking some sort of heart. Some cohesion.

Mind you, there's some great expectations which go with Stormwatch. Ellis created something fantastic right when Wildstorm was on the cusp of transforming into something other than 90's pouch and gun machines.

Edited by RayeGunn

Glad this is finally over.... not sure if Starlin will be any better, but at least none of this will be canon in a month.

Edited to add - And they aren't seriously putting forth the idea that Midnighter isn't gay, are they? Even SUGGESTING Midnighter may not be gay is rather problematic. You do not de-gay one of the most iconic and prominent gay characters ever created, you just don't, even if it's to make him bi.

Posted by Ghidoran

So the entire series has basically been Stormwatch fighting its own members one by one...

Posted by Planewalker

Zealot should have a team in a regular series... she's a badass character going to waste

Posted by JamDamage

Stormwatch has been one of the more solid books put out by DC. Glad to see some previews and reviews on this book. It's not being treated well enough by DC. Tons of potential with no interaction with the rest of the mainstream DCU. Who cares about Etrigen and some random horn headed Red Lantern. Lets see other non Wild Storm characters in this book.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

JESUS whats option 2?


Posted by wmwadeii

Glad to see one Wildstorm book doing well, and that they added another core Wildtorm character to the New 52. Lately if it contains Wildstorm or not a Bat book it gets canceled for another Bat book.

Posted by toptom

i really hate apollo's new costume. his previuos one was ten times better.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not bad! Really would enjoy it due to Zealot of course.

Posted by hqn

Zealot is a great character and reading the issues in Deathstroke where Liefeld made her act like "the babe" to Slade's "come gimme some sugar" act was rather depressing. I really wish they can put out a decent WildC.A.T.S. book sooner or later with her and some of the Wildstorm characters that got their books axed. I think the idea of mixing Wildstorm with some classic DC was a winner when Stormwatch came out with Martian Manhunter in it, maybe thay could do the same with OMAC taking over Maul's role in the Wildcats book.

And, am i missing something or wasn't Midnighter the more openly gay of the duo? Reading back issues it looked like he was the one actively pursuing Apollo's affection

Posted by AskaniSon295

I think Midnighter might be bi-sexual in the New52 universe or Zealot might be Transgendered?

Posted by Tolliver_Trask

@jointron33: I was just about to say, what's Danger doing there?!