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Exclusive Preview: SECRET AVENGERS #1

Who are the All-New Secret Avengers?


(W) Ales Kot (A) Michael Walsh (CA) Tradd Moore


The all-new Secret Avengers are ready to get started. Are they going to be the world's most effective secret squad? Or will their personal issues tear them apart? U-DECIDE! Three missions kick off at the same time: one in the space, one on the ground...and one in the air. And no one's ready. Except for the attackers. Russian spa. Helicarrier. Space station. Falling satellites. A hired hitman with nothing to lose. The Fury. WAIT. Yes. THE FURY. Why is Hawkeye still around? And why are these people chasing him? Why are Black Widow and Spider Woman in a Russian spa? Do questions in teasers excite you? RUN THE MISSION, DON'T GET SEEN, SAVE THE WORLD. NOW!

Item Code: JAN140679 In Shops: 3/12/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Posted by NewComicGuy

Mixed thoughts on the artwork but intriguing. Seems odd to reboot the series like this but I didn't read the first one, so maybe there's a strong reason behind it.

Posted by Overlander

It looks not bad. But things still look not good for the Hawguy.

Edited by viin

Nah i will pass but that first variant is cool though...and the ducks are cute too i guess.

Posted by micah

Love the art. A change in pace from the brighter tone comics

Posted by Novemberx2

have they made Ultimate Nick Fury director of shield of yet or is Maria hill still the on-off again directer of shield?

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

I like the art and use of MODOK and AIM

Edited by animehunter

have they made Ultimate Nick Fury director of shield of yet or is Maria hill still the on-off again directer of shield?

Maria is still the on-off again directer of shield.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


Posted by Xwraith

It doesn't feel like that long ago I was reading the original Secret Avengers #1.

Posted by JakeN7

I love the art. Walsh is doing his best David Aja impression (even giving Clint those face bandages). Even the writing reminds me of Hawkguy. I might have to get this.

Edited by Batman404

On the top cover M.O.D.O.K. has the smallest forehead, everyone else has a five-head.

Posted by lutzinc

Hate the cover art, why are they rebooting this so soon?

Posted by iaconpoint

@lutzinc: Cause it's marvelnow! marvelnow! and that's what they do?

Posted by Rainja

-_- ahhhhhhh boy, SHIT ART once more for a good book. WTFK is wrong with marvel. If this keeps up im going to have to seriously boycott marvel. Hawkeye,She Hulk, Uncanny X-men,previously Thunderbolts and now secret avengers with DOO-DOO art. This is straight up SHIT art. When did art that looks like something my lil 13 year old nephew would draw become so cool? Shakes head.

Posted by Ultron345

@rainja: Completely agree. Idk what trash heap Marvel are getting their artists from but I hope they start fishing in a new pond QUICKLY. Cuz alot of their stuff lately have been atrocious art wise despite having some of the best writers in the business. Such a shame

Posted by TDK_1997

I don't know if I should try this book again.

Posted by Rainja
Posted by Cap10nate

I wish Spencer was able to flesh out his story more. I bet there was going to be a much bigger role for the Ministers and for Daisy & Bucky. I will still check this out though I am not a huge fan of the art that I am seeing so far.

Edited by consafo80

People be tripping the arts brilliant. Reminds me of Aja a bit. And if you do hate the art then please say what artists you do like and if it's that photo realistic crap like Greg Land then your opinion is null and void.

Edited by Rainja

@consafo80: ROFLMAO, please tell me you are joking?! Are u from Bizzaro world are something? You sound like shallow hal. Greg land's art is great especially compared to this rat shit you are promoting.

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

@rainja: are you joking? Since your wall paper is filled with Jim Lee art, your disdain may be due the lack of over exaggerated 90's muscles. Walsh is definitely good and a rising star, he was great in the first issue of Zero and I definitely agree there's an Aja vibe from him.

Posted by consafo80

Each to his own but Greg Land is terrible. It's not even art its just tracing.

Posted by consafo80

Greg Land good? funniest thing I've heard all day.

Edited by Omega Ray Jay

I liked the original team and idea, not sold on this one though

Posted by movieartman

@rainja: This art seems like a cross between Gabriel hard man and Aja


I don't hate this like I do the violently pitiful dreck in she hulk, and no I don't like Greg land. But I do like realism, but not traced realism

But as for your asking who I do like




















and so on

Edited by The_Tree

I love that Nick Fury line: "Yes, there are two. Get over it."

With Kot writing again and Walsh on art, I'll still be reading.

Posted by Ultron345

@mixmastamicah5: Getting a aja vibe is a good thing????? If David Aja and Michael Walsh are rising stars in the art industry I am in the wrong line of work. I definitely need to take up drawing comics if this is the standard

Edited by LiveForever

@mixmastamicah5: Getting a aja vibe is a good thing????? If David Aja and Michael Walsh are rising stars in the art industry I am in the wrong line of work. I definitely need to take up drawing comics if this is the standard

Aja is incredible. To each their own, of course, but I don't hear a lot of negativity toward his work. Probably the opposite.

Took me some getting used to at first, but now he's one of my favorite artists.

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

@ultron345: Tell that to the awards he's won and the critically acclaimed hit that Hawkeye is. I think you're in the minority here, bro.

Edited by Rainja

@mixmastamicah5: Walsh is shit and 90's art looks better than this 1960 looking crap you cherish Also,They are SUPERHEROS and VILLANS for crying out loud, over exaggerated muscles work on some characters. Diffrently, muscles ain't a must in art, its the definition and details that the artist is willing to put into his/her drawing.

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

@liveforever: I completely agree. I think it also is a great match for the tone of the book.

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

@rainja: In a book called SECRET Avengers focused on espionage, I'm not sure hulked out versions of the characters are needed. And no, it's 1960's influenced, it's obviously influenced by Mazzucchelli, you know the guy who illustrated arguably the best Batman story of all time in the 80's. Now run along and buy some 3D covers! Woot!

Edited by Ultron345

@mixmastamicah5: I'm totally fine being a minority. The majority of people listen to One Direction and Justin Beiber, doesn't make them good. Awards are only other peoples opinions. I honestly couldn't care less what awards he has won. What I do know is that comic book art has devolved into an almost hippie 60's state. Clean defined art is considered the oppression of the man, too mainstream to be good and sketchy art that has almost no definition is whats hip, cool and unique. Greg Land may have no personality in his art but he is INFINITELY more appeasing to the eyes than both Walsh and Aja.

Edited by MixMastaMicah5

@ultron345: Well when someone replies with "Getting a aja vibe is a good thing?????" I feel like I need to suggest to you how revered he is by most of the comic community. The dude's got chops AND the accolades to back it up so forgive me for liking him lol. And saying that Greg Land is better than David Aja is one of the FUNNIEST, most classic internet moments I have ever been a part of. But hey, to each his own. And there are plenty of artists that don't have the clean and confident line that you seem to loathe: Esad Ribic, Jerome Opena, Ryan Stegman, Greg Capullo, David Finch, Matteo Scalera, etc etc. However, I feel like you are severely discounting the way David Aja, Michael Walsh, Wes Craig, and David Mazzucchelli can tell stories through inventive panel layouts. But I'm not going to make you like the artwork, nor do I feel the need too, these guys are doing damn fine work and I'm glad they are continually getting the work and positive reviews they deserve.

Posted by Ultron345

@mixmastamicah5: As I already said. I honestly couldn't care less about his awards or how he is revered. Nor do I care about how inventive his panel layouts are, all I care about is how it looks and to me it looks like sewage. Now I can form a pretty good guess as to why you think Greg Land is bad seeing as how you like David Ajas art. But please enlighten me, why is Greg Land a bad artist? (spare me the 'he traces herp de derp' nonsense if possible)

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

@ultron345: LOL "spare me the tracing" like that's easily avoidable and excusable. Same character poses, lack of imagination, every woman looks the exact same (playboy hellz yeah), very stiff characters, and no fluidity. Want me to continue? As for the self-righteous attitude you seem to have, it shouldn't seem like such a shock that I like the work of Aja, hence why I brought up the awards. So quit acting like it's some surprising revelation you read in Mighty Avengers #1.

Edited by Ultron345

@mixmastamicah5: You just said a lot of the same things just phrased differently but.....ok. Lastly the same way that you can be surprised I like Lands art is the same way I can be surprised you like Aja's art. Nice pun with the Mighty Avengers line tho, I actually kinda liked that stab.

Posted by Darkmount1

Dangit, I like MODOK better as a Blofeld-type bad guy.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

I need this

Edited by MixMastaMicah5

@mixmastamicah5: Lack of imagination (layout), same character poses, stiffness, fluidity in regards to speed lines and copied facial expression is all the same? Hmmm. But oh well, like what you want! I just don't like it when people go out of there way to poo-poo on someone's work. And unfortunately, I did that to Mr. Land's work but that was asked of me lol

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Art looks cool. It reminds me of David Aja.

Posted by consafo80

@Rainja I love everyone you mentioned in your list pretty much. And certainly like all of them. But I also love stuff like Aja, Samnee, Allred, and yes even Pulido.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Why is AIM the villain in like, every Marvel book lately?

Posted by ZbvmX

Walsh art looks amazeballs!

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