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With the Reach about to enter the picture, things aren't looking too good for the Blue Lantern Corps.

The first 'mission' for the New Guardians is over. Everyone managed to survive having to work together and now we're left wondering what will happen next. The big thing that happened involved some pretty serious developments for Arkillo. We'll have to keep an eye on him to see how that goes. The main focus for issue #9 seems to be on the Reach. Last issue mentioned the "Fall of the Blue Lanterns" so we'll have to hope the New Guardians can put aside their differences once again in order to assist the Blue Lanterns, should they actually need the help.

With issue #9 in stores on Wednesday, May 23, DC Comics has given us an exclusive preview for the issue.


Written by: Tony Bedard

Pencilled by: Tyler Kirkham

Inked by: Batt

Color by: Nei Ruffino & Hi-Fi

Lettered by: Dave Sharpe

ODYM, homeworld of the BLUE LANTERNS, is under attack by the alien conquerors known as THE REACH! The combined power of the different Lantern Corps might not be enough to defeat The Reach! To make matters worse, they may have been betrayed by one of their own!

Continued from BLUE BEETLE #9.

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Posted by Ganthetsward20

Yeah this is my favorite Lantern book.

Posted by Blizaga101

BLUE LANTERNS FTW. gotta love da blues

Posted by feargalr

This is a great series, overall I really like the direction the Green Lantern universe is moving in

Posted by DanteTheRedKnight

I just wish the series would go a little more faster...even Teen Titans

Posted by zackattack529


Posted by blur1528

I'm surprised there's that many blue lanterns

Posted by Greenflashlight

I Love how they have expanded the Corps

Posted by Stormultt

Yay more blue lantern scan time.

Posted by Calico5

I love how each individual corps, tribe, Star Sapphires, and Larfleeze have there own side stories. Makes the difficulty of a team seem real, and possibly better then just the differences between emotions. I do wish the Red lanterns book was more integrated to make Bleez's story more easily understood. In Arkillo's storyline, even though the destruction of the Yellow Lanterns took place in another book, the integration of this plot line explains universal happenings better. All around great book!

Posted by LordRequiem

Nice artwork.

Posted by ATVhero

Wow. All of the corps are having problems.

Posted by evilvegeta74

they look like the Blue Beetle ! Is that their tech that the Blue Beetle is using?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@evilvegeta74 said:
they look like the Blue Beetle ! Is that their tech that the Blue Beetle is using?
Posted by fACEmelter88

No lantern or their corps can get a break

Posted by Friskynesss

I wonder though, back in Rage of the Red Lanterns it was shown that the new recruit has to converse with Ganthet and Sayd before joining the corps... so how are so many part of the Blue Lantern corps given the absence of the two Guardians?

Posted by edtie97

When did the blue lantern corps gain new members?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Always have loved the blues, and this looks awesome!

Posted by GamerGeek360

I love this book so much. I'm a huge fan of the GL series with Hal and SInestro, but something about the team-up aspect of all the Corps here just draws me in and doesn't let go. Love coming back to this every month!

Posted by jrock85

Currently the best Lantern title, IMO.

Posted by BlueLanternBeast

I want to know who all of these new blue lanterns are. Looks awesome!

Posted by htb106

this looks like it's going to be excellent!

Posted by krspaceT

Can't the reach go bother some other corp?

Posted by Skaddix

So Yellow Down, Indigo Down, Green about to be replaced, Red Poisoned, and Blue about to be crushed? Who is next? Honestly, Orange was never a Corps in the first place so that leaves Violet as the last Corps standing.

Posted by DEGRAAF

I like the Blue Lantern Corps but i was hoping Kyle would become a Blue Lantern or start weilding the Blue and Green rings at the same time continuously rather then one or two issues like Guy did with rings and Hal did. It makes sense to have both

Posted by stormtrance1618

I love the Blue Lantern Corps and am loving this series!!!

Posted by blueninjapanther

Awesome blue lantern corp vs the reach. this is like a book of blue. Blue is the best color, I'm so gonna buy this.

Posted by Emperormeister734

Wow the Blue Lantern Corps have grown its good to see Babar again

Posted by HolySerpent

Favorite series....

Posted by termiteone4ever

YEs i am liking this Series Arkillo got to luv that fool makes me laugh big time .

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Nothing better happen to Saint Walker... OR I WILL GET RED RING ON THE WRITER!!

Posted by zackattack529

@Skaddix: and the violet planet is gonna be attacked by the reds yaa...its about to get reall monotone in the universe haha blackest night pt 2?. lol

Posted by KidSupreme

WOW i cant wait to read it .. the whole thing

Posted by lady_toyano

exciting stuff!!