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Exclusive Preview: GREEN ARROW #5

Oliver Queen keeps getting attacked at the office. Who is Midas and what does he want with Green Arrow?

Green Arrow has gone through a few changes since 'The New 52' began. With the luxury of Q-Core, he has a company and a team working for him. Unfortunately the office keeps getting attacked and Green Arrow has to jump into action. Check out the latest threat Ollie is forced to deal with in this exclusive preview of next week's GREEN ARROW #5, courtesy of DC Comics.

Green Arrow #5


His touch melts flesh and burns through steel, and now the nightmare creature known as Midas wants Green Arrow dead! What secret from Green Arrow's past fuels Midas's rage, and how does it all tie in to the enigmatic woman known only as Blood Rose? Secrets are revealed as Ollie Queen's past comes back – to kill him!
  • DC Universe
  • 32pg.
  • Color
  • $2.99 US

On Sale January 4, 2012

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Posted by nonfiction91

ugh, hurts just to read it. this comic is so poor to me or its so-oo po-ooor too me-eee

Posted by jsphsmth

I think DC made a lot of bad decisions with the rebooted GA. Too much like Smallville, too little like the GA most people love, whether that is the Denny O'Neil version, the Mike Grell version, the Kevin Smith version, etc.

I thought about waiting for Ann Nocenti, but the advanced art looks like she has to continue writing the Smallville version.

Hopefully at some point we will find out that he is a Skrull impersonator and we will get the real GA back. Ooops, wrong publisher.

Posted by Fantasgasmic

@nonfiction91 said:

ugh, hurts just to read it. this comic is so poor to me or its so-oo po-ooor too me-eee

I concur.

Posted by The Impersonator

I thought Midas has the power to turn anyone into gold. =P

Posted by StarKiller809

I don't like this new version of Green Arrow. I stopped getting it after issue #3. However, I really like Keith Griffen and I feel that I should get this. I don't know much about who is taking over after him, but I don't know if I'll be back.
I'd rather then pull of something corny and terrible then to keep this version of the character. Make him a robot and the really Ollie comes in and beats the screws out of him... or something.

Posted by jsphsmth

@The Impersonator: Nothing could turn this comic to gold.

Posted by jsphsmth
Posted by Catman9

i tried to like the new Green Arrow, but I just can't bring myself to read it anymore

Edited by Mbecks14

@The Impersonator said:

I thought Midas has the power to turn anyone into gold. =P

In mythology he does. What a poorly named character lol

Posted by RedOwl_1

This Green arrow reminds me Smallville's one :D

Posted by Kallarkz

Wow. I have not heard one good thing at all about this book


Can this comic. What we really need is Booster Gold. Just don't put these people on it please.

Posted by The Impersonator

@Mbecks14: Yeah, I know. I think they should have call this character named King Midas. Well, he's not a king any ways. Or else, Rotten Midas. =P

@jsphsmth: Hmmmm.....You got a goldless point. =P

@RedOwl_1: Yep. That's Justin Hartley, alright. =D

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Midas seems alright..otherwise I just don't know what to really think of this title lol.

Posted by BlackArmor

@nonfiction91 said:

ugh, hurts just to read it. this comic is so poor to me or its so-oo po-ooor too me-eee


Posted by crowncoke

Why is it that this story is sounding like Swamp Thing's origins? Scientist get caught by terrorists and ends up huge and ugly... I guess that I am in the minority in liking the younger Arrow. Having grown up on the original (back in the Green Lantern & Green Arrow Days) I got real tired of the older Ollie. I like the younger one... i can see him as more of a playboy but still able to pull of the athletics.

Posted by jsphsmth

@Kallarkz: The odd thing is that if you read some of the articles from back in September, where comics were given to people who had never read any before, they seemed to really like Green Arrow.

Not so much with regular comic readers though.

Edited by nonfiction91

@jsphsmth: Oh sweet! shes a great writer i look forward to that. what works for t.v. doesnt necessarily work for comics. I mean at least throw the trade mark facial hair on him, he could have a general goatee and then in costume he just gels the tips out, it wouldnt go on t.v., but it would in this.

@crowncoke: I've been reading since the 90's when he was pretty much seasoned, i guess when you started reading as early as yourself, I'd be tired of the old version too, but his whole demeanor just doesnt seem ollie to me, I miss the womanizing (sorry ladies), slick at the mouth, cocky, and overall hard ass, bad ass ollie. describing him there you'd think he was an iron man wanna be, but his whole attitude was his own, I hope ann brings that back to the table

Posted by ReVamp

Krul's not writing this? Best sh*t I heard all week. Maybe eventually this'll get better.

Posted by nonfiction91

@ReVamp said:

Krul's not writing this? Best sh*t I heard all week. Maybe eventually this'll get better.

never was, Giffen is, he's not exactly been attached to the best plots in the length of his career either, I mean he's probably had his hits, just none that I've come across, hes a bit mediocre

Posted by ReVamp

@nonfiction91: I beg to differ. Krul wrote issues 1-3. Check for yourself. Green Arrow

Posted by cagedleo730

@crowncoke: They even mention Alec Holland's name so it's not a coincidence. This Green Arrow isn't doing it for me. Then again I've read Green Arrow here and there. Quiver was good. Next thing I read was 1 year later and then some Green Arrow & Black Canary. GA was never a must read for me.

Posted by Wowlock

Sadly this Reboot erased the good ol' Ollie we know and love...

I think the appeal of Smallville's Oliver effected the reboot badly. It fits fine to the Smallville on TV but that Oliver can't fit to the comics as we see in this reboot.

I am a big Green Arrow / Black Canary fan but after seeing this GA, I hope they won't bring Dinah to this messed up series soo we can still have to memories of the good old days.

Posted by HolyAvenger

Before New 52 I liked Green Arrow and didn't Roy Harper.

After New 52 I like Roy Harper and don't Green Arrow.

Posted by nonfiction91

@ReVamp: your right my mistake, I dont follow this at all.

Posted by RichyRich

I like Jurgens art, but not with Perez doing the finishes and inking. It looks kind of muddy, and Green Arrow should be a rather sleek and clean looking book in my opinion. Less Macfarlane, more McNiven

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Midas you say? Well he sure as hell isn't fixing up cars...

Posted by jsphsmth

@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! said:

Midas you say? Well he sure as hell isn't fixing up cars...


Posted by sethysquare

Anyone that said this sucks obviously havent read issue 4. After Jurgens and Giffen took over, this book became gold. It was fantastic and only getting better after issue 7 when Ann Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao takes over.

Posted by maxicere

This will be great for Connor or Roy, But this is a sh..t.

I really miss Oliver Queen. This New Revamp kills a great character. The spirit and personality of Green Arrow are dead....

Posted by RainEffect
@Fantasgasmic said:

@nonfiction91 said:

ugh, hurts just to read it. this comic is so poor to me or its so-oo po-ooor too me-eee

I concur.

Here here.
Posted by The Stegman

i'm so close to dropping this title..things better pick

Posted by TypH

this looks pretty freaking cool, i really love the cover I think the font style for the title is a bit boring but other then that it looks great and the pages look really good to,I always love a good comic with great artwork in it!

Posted by BlueArrow

i agree with "maxicere", i would have loved if this were conner. That way they could keep this newly designed character and have the old oliver do cameos and help conner out. they can even keep this whole Q-core thing going because since Conner is young he understands all this tech stuff while old Ollie doesnt and so Conner runs the Q-core part of Ollie's company. Also if this GA failed then they can bring the old oliver back from where ever he would be, like retirement or something. i loved the judd winnick run on GA (my favorite hero) and he made a great character out of mia and even conner.

Posted by crowncoke

I could have bought the Q-Core being made up of the former sidekicks. In that case Q-Core could have been a secondary team to function for Ollie and he still could have been the 'only' Green Arrow. This younger version has some pull but I understand your desire to not loose the old one. (Reminds me of the 90s when Superman died and came back with the long hair and younger demeanor.) I think the issue they had was timeline based. They only alotted themselves 5 years to build a background upon (not nearly enough time for Roy, Connor or any of the other sidekicks to have developed... let alone have issues and/or be replaced - Bat Family). I would have loved the starting point to be 15 yrs back. That would have allowed for secondary titles recreating the history along with the new changes.

Posted by Green ankh

Boy i miss my old Green Arrow. As good as some of the new52 stuff is i am ready to get back to the old. I like Batwoman and Men of War allot but the other "classic" heroes books are getting old (other than Aquaman).

Posted by Billy Batson

Haven't heard anything good about this series.

Posted by soccersss

Ah what have they done to my beloved Green Arrow? :( The comic isnt bad itself. It'd b more tolerable if it was Connor...but for Oliver Queen this is terrible. Oliver without his dynamism, passion, arrogance isnt Oliver. This version of Oliver is even more irritable than Oliver was in the final seasons of Smallville and that is saying a lot. On the bright side we get better villains not some powered up jersey shore wannabes. Hopefully this comic would take a step in the right direction with Ann Nocenti

Posted by doordoor123

I think I blame Jurgens for this. The art is terrible and the writing is horrid. Giffen is too good to get the blame for this monstrosity.

Posted by Scottman22

I wanted so badly to like Green Arrow, from the stories I read before the reboot I liked the character and thought that The New 52 would be a great starting place. It was the first to go off my list.

Posted by RedR0bin

I feel like I am the only one that likes this book.....I don't know if that is good or bad :-/

Posted by TheRedRobin96

This series is terrible, issue 4 was OK but I think I will drop this til issue 7 then start up from there to see if it is any good at all.

Posted by shawn87

This series just looks like it's getting worse each issue

Posted by Bestostero

@RedR0bin said:

I feel like I am the only one that likes this book.....I don't know if that is good or bad :-/

I kinda like

Posted by BatMark_

That's actually painful to look at, and to read. Thanks DC, but I'll consider reading this when it actually has a decent writer behind it.

Posted by k4tzm4n

I'm a sucker for new villains in hopes of using them in threads... so, I'll check this out.