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Exclusive Preview: GHOSTBUSTERS #9

The Ghostbuster team must get ready for "Devil's Night."

Halloween may be over but there's still plenty of spooky fun in the pages of GHOSTBUSTERS. It's the beginning of HAPPY HORROR DAYS. Make sure you dress for the occasion.

Check out this exclusive preview of the next issue courtesy of IDW Publishing.


Erik Burnham (w) • Dan Schoening (a) Schoening, Ivan Barriga (c)

"Devil's Night" -- When he died, Stingy Jack couldn't get into Heaven or Hell, and has wandered the Earth ever since. He's made his way to Manhattan, he's feeling malicious... and if the Ghostbusters can't stop him, he'll burn the city to the ground! It's the beginning of a busy season of horrifying holidays for our heroes -- HAPPY HORROR DAYS starts here!

· Comes with the first of four interlocking covers by Dan Schoening, featuring fan-favorite characters, and the changing of the seasons!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • On Sale: 11/6/13

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

arts kinda weird but this is pretty interesting

Edited by k4tzm4n

I dug the Ghostbusters as a kid and I like Burnham's other work, so I'll do my best to play catch up soon.

Moderator Online
Posted by IndieComicsFTW

I love to read it. Its hard to do as a comic, but I love the art.

Posted by Ms. Omega

I love me some Ghostbusters :)

Posted by NightFang

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Posted by Trodorne

I love me some Ghostbusters :)

same this series has been consistently great.

Posted by Bull_iod

This series has become so good.

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

is this the follow up of extreme ghost buster?

Edited by Imortal18

Cant wait to read it :)

Posted by Miss_Garrick

ok, I am seriously behind on Ghostbuster related stuff. Who is the girl helping Venkman, and is that Walter Peck working with them? If true, THAT'S AWESOME!!

The art is pretty bad though.

Posted by TypH

slowly getting into this. Really wasn't a fan of the artwork for the new comics. I really wish they were more detailed, but looking past that I am a huge Ghostbuster fan and the comics are pretty decent.

Edited by ErikSBurnham

More detailed? Look at the backgrounds. Dan draws *everything!* (I know, you probably mean you wish the people weren't drawn so cartoony. But this really is the best way to go when likenesses aren't available to us; a realistic Venkman that can't look like Bill Murray tends to take people out of the story even more.)

Besides, I love Dan's work. He does double whatever he's asked for, the crazy Canuck... and he hides dozens of easter eggs in each issue (I haven't caught them all yet.)

The girl is Kylie Griffin -- we stole her from the animated continuity. The comic is firm movie continuity, but we've borrowed from cartoons and games, tweaking as needed to integrate. (And yes, Walter Peck's status as the Ghostbusters' city overseer, taken from the 2008 game, was too good not to use.) Not a follow up to Extreme GB, to answer an earlier question -- cartoon and movie continuities diverge. (:

In any case, we're having fun, and I hope you guys new to the book do, too. Sixth collection of stories comes out next month... (: