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Exclusive Preview: DEXTER'S LABORATORY #2

Find out what madness Dexter is up to!

Dexter’s Laboratory #2 (of 4)

Derek Fridolfs (w) • Ryan Jampole (a & c)

With his sister Dee Dee removed from existence, Dexter is now an only child! He’s finally able to work in his lab unhindered by her foolish games, and locates the one thing needed to reach his full potential - - but it’s in another dimension! As Dexter attempts to reach it, he finds his dream is about to turn into his greatest nightmare!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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Posted by fables87

Are they going to add the Justice Friends or Monkey to this at all?

Posted by iaconpoint

It is a fine day for science!

I'd so pick this up if I were a lad.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Ah, is this going to be another "Dexter realizes how much he needs Dee-Dee by losing her" stories?

I can relate. I never remember my dreams anymore.

"Not that we didn't try". They're not even trying to be subtle anymore, are they?

Posted by Ms-Lola

Dee Dee!