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Exclusive Preview: DEATHMATCH #10

The number of combatants is getting smaller and smaller. After the secrets revealed, will the remaining fighters stand a chance?

Things have been heating up in DEATHMATCH. There's not many fighters left and it's looking like things are going to get even messier. Check out this exclusive preview for next week's issue.


Writer: Paul Jenkins

Artist: Carlos Magno

Cover Artist: Reilly Brown

Only four combatants remain in the deathmatch arena, the rest of their friends (and enemies) slain by their own hands. Will the heroes be able to band together and discover the prison's secrets before one of them stands 'victorious'?

Format: COMIC

Price: $3.99

On Sale: 10/9/13

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Posted by Ando123

looks cool

Edited by wade_wilson22

So is this series like or similar to the The Secret Wars?

Or What has been the attractive aspect of this series since it's relatively new and characters are as well.

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Love it :)

Posted by scotty_417

In a way, it's like Secret Wars in that there's this power that's making these heroes/villains fight each other, but it's been a mystery until this reveal that Manchurian has been behind it the whole time. It's attractive because you get to know the characters along the way and Paul Jenkins drops hints along the way. So far, the character of Meridian was like Sentry, while Manchurian appears to be like Ozymandias.

Posted by M3th

Looks good, and good spoiler. I wonder what's up with Intelligencia.


Posted by scotty_417

Think Benny Boatright's brother is part of the Intelligensia, in cahoots with Manchurian. He was mentioned once, in the first issue, and never mentioned again. We know that Benny Boatright ended up with powers. It was never revealed whether his own brother had powers as well.

Edited by scotty_417

This is an absolutely great issue. Knocked my socks off good.