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Exclusive Preview: DAREDEVIL: DARK KNIGHTS #6

Jimmy Palmiotti is taking Daredevil to the Caribbean where he gets a new partner - Misty Knight!


(W) Jimmy Palmiotti (A) Thony Silas (CA) Amanda Conner

• Matt Murdock is brought to the Caribbean by a client fleeing persecution, and he's got a new partner for this case - the Fearless Defender herself, MISTY KNIGHT!

• Daredevil legend Jimmy Palmiotti teams with rising star Thony Silas for the latest, greatest Dark Nights event: IN THE NAME OF THE KING!

Item Code: SEP130726 In Shops: 11/6/2013 SRP: $2.99

Posted by Dabee

Amanda Conner always makes awesome covers.

Posted by HollowPrince65

I want this like yesterday xD I love DD way too much for it to be healthy

Edited by daredevil21134

Looks good

Posted by Perfect 10

what i've been waiting for! more misty knight goodness

Posted by aaunderoath

Is this book a mini or an ongoing?

Posted by daredevil21134
Posted by CrashBang

Issues 1 to 3 were incredible but issue 4 flopped so I didn't get 5. Need to get 6 onwards if it's Palmiotti!

Posted by mettlekm

what i've been waiting for! more misty knight goodness

What has been in lately that they have written her well? I read a couple of early issues of Defenders and wasn't a big fan. Am i missing anything good?

Posted by Darkmount1

Man, Conner and Silas do a great job with Misty Knight in a Caribbean setting.