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Exclusive Preview: BATWOMAN #8

Batwoman's fighting with her girlfriend but not in the way you would think.

There's been a lot going on in the pages of BATWOMAN lately. Not only do we get the story of the main character but there's been several other characters involved as well. Issue #8 promises to continue telling those stories and showing how they all intertwine.

Last issue we saw Detective Maggie Sawyer and Harvey Bullock get a hold of the Medusa agent named Sune. How this relates to Batwoman is her new boss at the DEO, Cameron Chase, wants her to extract Sune from police custody. They believe she's the sister of Maro, Falchion's second-in-command.

The reason the DEO wants her is Director Bones believes she can be turned to work for them. As a data thief linked to corporate espionage cases around the world, she could be a big asset to them.

The fact that Batwoman, in her alter ego, is dating Sawyer, is bound to make thingsā€¦complicated.


Written by: J.H. Williams, III and W. Haden Blackman

Pencilled by: Amy Reeder Hadley

Inked by: Rob Hunter

Cover Color by: Amy Reeder Hadley

Lettered by: Todd Klein

On Sale: April 11, 2012

Six lives moving through different points in time, all heading toward a crossroads. Batwoman faces gnashing teeth, claws and otherworldly powers. But can she defeat the villains of Gotham Harbor? Maro, an arcane wizard, harnesses violent magics to create the vile creature known as The Hook. Kate Kane struggles with living multiple lives and how that affects her relationship with Maggie. Detective Maggie Sawyer transports a double agent named Sune.Jacob Kane still holds onto hope for a life that he so desperately needs in his.DEO Agent Cameron Chase covertly aids Batwoman in abducting one of the villain Falchion's inner circle.The creative team's unique take on spy stories continues!
== TEASER ==

Click each page to enlarge, especially the double page spread.

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Posted by nandizzle

Damn Kate is looking extra pale, is it even possible for her to hide in the shadows?

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Girl fight!

Posted by VioletPhoenix

That cover is remarkably beautiful. The art in this series never fails to amaze and astonish.

Posted by MyraMyraMyra

This book always has such amazing art. It's not the characters designs, colours, and drawings themselves that look amazingly good, but the page layouts are pretty awesome as well. Love that cover.

Posted by ShepRad

Absolutely loving the 'cyber-punky' cover, J.H. as the writer - not as much. Still, one of my favourite new titles from new DC.

Posted by The Poet


Posted by Shotgun

Love the cover but the inside pages look weird. Is Kate an albino? Because she is bone white even when she isn't in costume.

Posted by Eyz

Agh...what's going on with the art?! some of those Batwoman faces..ugh.. that sure as hell isn't J.H. Williams, III! (still on writing duties though, nice!)

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Regardless of anything that happens in this issue. I want to just say that I LOOOOVE that cover. If I could get a poster of that. I would frame it and put it on my wall.

Posted by damekkodark

amazing art

Posted by Billy Batson

I like how the staff can add issues a week before its release.

Posted by wowylied

I really nice cover here.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Very nice! Gotta love girl fights.

Posted by notarandomguy

omg I don't understand how the art keeps getting better *-* this is a great series so far I just don't get why is she looking so pale, is the only thing I don't like

Posted by fables87

I have yet to read the serise, but loving the art and cover work on this comic. Love Williams' work on Promethea and Batwoman: Elegy and loved Reeder's work in Madame Xanadu. Would like to see a movie or TV show with Batwoman in it at some point.

Posted by The Impersonator

@Duo_forbidden said:

Girl fight!

Posted by GeekyEverAfter

I love the Batwoman comics there very interesting esp Batwoman:Elegy (Highly Recommend).

Posted by sparty-dbq

I detect a very awkward couples' counseling session in their future.

Posted by Queso6p4

@VioletPhoenix: I wholeheartedly agree. It's had my favorite art of any DC title. I'm particularly fond of the splash pages as they're just plain gorgeous.

Posted by htb106

loving batwoman so far but why isn't she in the night of the owls

is she the only bat book not taking part?


Posted by VioletPhoenix

@Queso6p4: and the art captures the mood and tone the story sets. Just brilliant.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Why has no one bothered telling us how she can be so pale all over without it being makeup?

Harley's explanation was that she was put in a vat like Joker.

What's Batwoman's?

Is she just like that naturally?

Posted by jcbart

Hmm. Might be dropping this title. It started off great, but maybe it's due to me being a new DC reader, but the whole story is just so convoluted and busy. I don't really like it anymore.

Great cover though!

Posted by JonesDeini

@Shotgun said:

Love the cover but the inside pages look weird. Is Kate an albino? Because she is bone white even when she isn't in costume.

Redheads tend to be really pale skinned. Kate lost a lot of blood when the Religion of Crime tried to sacrifice her during 52, and apparently that made her paler. Als,o she's into the goth scene her look outside of costume is informed by that.

Posted by ChernobylCow

This issue does not look good. Last issue was very weak. I want JH Williams back on art. Get the story back on track. Quit it with this pathetic "Maggie's story" "Kate's story" "Harvey's story". Ugh, the series has a LOT going for it. I honestly have never ever seen anything like JH Williams' art. Most comparable would be the work in Ex Machina.

I am stick with the series because Williams' art in the first few issues was AMAZING. The world needs more characters with diverse backgrounds. I am also interested in the X-files'-esque DEO, the mythological creatures (werewolves and squidmen, eff yes), the almost Watchmen-esque handling of costume/cameos of small-time villains. (That double panel spread against cueball and his cronies? so dang cool). The mentoring angle with Kate's cousin was also very, very good.

Amy Reeder isn't terrible but after Williams' work it's like going from a cop drama like Luther or The Killing (2011) to something like CSI: Miami or Law and Order in terms of camera work.

Posted by DarkMatter23

@htb106: have you found out why she isn't going to be included in the Court of Owls arc? She should be, right? Or is she too far removed from Batman's world? I think she should be.

Edited by RandyFemriteLeesburg

Nothing happens when I click on the Pics.

"Loading....." but nothing.

OK, things work better with Firefox.

Not so good with IE 8 or 9.

Anyone else notice this?

Posted by KidSupreme

i been following it since the beginning and i love it