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Exclusive Preview: ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #12

Time travel, UFOs and dinosaurs. Yup, it's time for another issue of ARCHER & ARMSTRONG!

Ah, ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, is there nothing this comic won't give us? We are now approaching the twelfth issue (thirteenth including the zero issue) and the adventure and hilarity continues. There's nothing like some good old fashion time travel combined with aliens to shake things up. And who the heck doesn't like dinosaurs? I mean, they're so cool. They have big teeth. The t-rex's have those cute little arms. You know this is going to be another great issue. You know it's gonna be good because the cover even has Comic Vine's seal of approval (sort of).

Check out this exclusive preview for ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #12 courtesy of Valiant.





Variant Cover by JUAN DOE (JUN131333)

Caught in the jaws of the Faraway!

General Redacted has laid claim to the greatest secret in a time-lost dimension that’s practically built on ‘em. Must be a doozy, huh? Well, it’s big enough that Redacted and his army of alien greys are laying waste to anyone and anything that approaches their occupied lands of the Faraway. Now, it’s down to Archer & Armstrong to run the greatest infiltration/liberation/inebriation mission history has ever known, which would be a cakewalk if its wasn’t for all the UFOs, hostile natives and, of course, the dinosaurs. Yup, could definitely do without those dinosaurs.

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That quote should mention that you should do more than just pick it up. You should read it as well.

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Posted by cameron83

This book is.....awkward.....

Posted by blkson

This book is awesome. It's not on my pull list but I will occasionally grab a copy when the week is slow. Fun concepts cool characters. Non-superheroy hero books are the wave.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

This book is.....awkward.....

If by awkward you mean amazing then sure.

Damn I wish Valiant had the rights to Turok

Posted by jwalser3

@jonny_anonymous: I thought they did. Didn't they do an old Turok book before the reboot?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@jwalser3 said:

@jonny_anonymous: I thought they did. Didn't they do an old Turok book before the reboot?

Yea but Dark Horse bought the rights a while back, it's a shame because the Faraway would have been where he was introduced.

Edited by superior_prime_maybe

MAAAAN! Im loving this duo!

So far all the teams and team ups are really well handled by Valiant

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Gawd this book is amazing just like it was back in the 90s! My sincerest hope is some day we see an intercompany crossover event with Archer & Armstrong and The Doctor ^_^