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Exclusive Preview: ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #14

Superman is super at many things but does that include babysitting? Too bad for Superman this is no ordinary baby and a bunch of aliens are determined to kill her.

The Digital First editions of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN continues with a rotating all-star creative team. This week we saw the first of a two-part story called "Infant in Arms" by Nathan Edmondson and Yildiray Cinar.

When a spaceship crashes in Missouri, an alien baby girl was on board and it was up to Superman to protect her from those determined to kill her. Next week the conclusion will be released on Monday, July 29. Check out our exclusive preview for the chapter.


"Infant in Arms" Part 2 of 2.

Written by Nathan Edmondson

Art by Yildiray Cinar

Superman must do battle with a powerful extraterrestrial warlord in pursuit of an earthbound refugee! (Did we mention the refugee is a cute little baby?)

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Posted by Roldan

read this a couple of days ago and man should Yildray ink more of his stuff, it looks beautiful, especially with Matt Wilson's colors.

Edited by G-Man

@roldan: You read this one? Or did you mean #13?

Posted by Mbecks14

Best Superman series in a long time. I love these vignettes they're doing. I'd love to see some of them turn into full series!

Posted by SandMan_

Read this is good.

Edited by maxicere

THIS IS Superman!! not the sh..t of New 52

Posted by bladewolf

Didn't Adventures of Superman already have this as a plot in an earlier issue?

Edited by Smart_Dork_Dude

@maxicere said:

THIS IS Superman!! not the sh..t of New 52


This is the Superman I want to read about!!!! New 52 Supes? Yeah he doesn't feel like a true Superman to me. This Superman? He feels a lot more natural!!!! I mean I loved Morrison's first arc of the New 52 Action Comics because it brought Superman back to his roots of being a social crusader, not the most powerful super-being out there, but still a powerful man who fought for the little guy and beat up wife beaters and crooked business men until they confessed to their crimes and such. I wouldn't mind New 52 Supes as much if they KEPT him doing that!!!!! Having him TRY to act like the Superman we all know just doesn't work, it feels unnatural. This Superman feels 100% natural!!! Put him next this theme and it's perfect!!

New 52? Not so much

Posted by Lvenger

@smart_dork_dude: New 52 is getting there with writers like Snyder and Pak and is starting to feel more like the natural Superman we know and love. But in a series like this, where the core essence of Superman can be captured by writers and continuity doesn't need to be addressed, they can let loose more with what they can do creatively.

Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: will you be reading Action once Pak jumps on?

Edited by jinxuandi

This is probably my favorite Superman series right now (Superman Unchained looks good but it's still too early to tell). It gets very little media coverage unfortunately because it's a digital series and I hope that doesn't lead it go the way of Beyond.

Edited by darknightspideyfanboy

@lvenger: yup his getting there kinda like pak explanation why the new 52 superman is more wild in the beginning without ma and pa for support he pretty much had to figure things out himself

Edited by bigboi100000


Posted by Solomonwreath

How come it can't be just superman babysits, or better yet Clark babysits. All I want is an uneventful comic that doesn't involve action or some sweet moment at the end. I want Clark gets up, watches a baby, gets thanked and goes home.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I absolutely love this title. I get it in hardcopy and enjoy it month to month! Good issue, can't wait to get to it!

Posted by Lvenger
Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: Hmmm well you could always get his run later in trades.

Posted by Lvenger
Edited by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: It would be better even if the wait for it would be killer though. With Pak on 2 Superman books and Snyder on another things are looking good for our Man of Steel.

Edited by Mezmero

Awww I got all excited because I thought that kid might be Zeke from Wonder Woman AKA The Ender of Time. Oh well it's just another random alien. That seems to describe the main Superman title quite well. Just another random alien.

Posted by Lvenger
Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: Which is great considering he had a terrible start for the New 52 but bless that Grant Morrison he was a saving grace giving us at least 1 good Superman title for a time now we'll have 3 and if Charles Soule is worth all the hype then 4 great Superman titles.

Posted by Lvenger
Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: I like both characters and the creative team. although I don't love the fact that they are together it really doesn't bother me. But Zod is going to be in it and apparently there's a connection to Doomsday so it is a win. I'm still holding off on it though.

Posted by Lvenger
Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: Yeah but Zod will be the villain for the first arc of Superman/WonderWoman and they left hints of Doomsday being in it too.

Posted by jorgeareizaga

i love this Superman´uniform, Jim lee´s sucks!

Posted by Terro09

@roldan: sounds good I liked part one

Posted by Roldan

@g_man said:

@roldan: You read this one? Or did you mean #13?

Meant 13.