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Exclusive: ORIGINAL SIN #2 Art Adams Variant Cover

Check out the second variant cover from a series of interlocking covers.

Next week the first issue of ORIGINAL SIN is out. The zero issue is out and you can see the preview for issue #1 HERE. There will be a few different variants but one to note is the Art Adams one. It's actually part a giant 8-issue interlocking set. Marvel has given us an exclusive first look at the Art Adams variant for issue #2.

You have to love the Art Adams covers. Collecting all eight would be something.

Here's the variant for the first issue so you can see how they fit together:

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Posted by GrenadeFlow

The regular covers are so plain I think I might get these variants instead,

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

Hmm. Does anyone else think it would have made more sense for these images to appear on the opposite issues?

Not knowing what the full thing looks like, I can't be 100% sure of their placement within it, but it seems odd to me for #1 to be directly to the right of #2.

Posted by Verotikryptonite

Arthur Adams art captivates me like none other. I don't think this guy has an equal. I remember reading Longshot as a kid and being blown away.

He was so far ahead of his time in the 80's and unlike the cartoony female clones of J. Scott. Campbell , Adams bar none illustrates the most breathtaking female figures in all of comics. Hell even his Gumby was a masterpiece.

Would love to see him do monthly of Wonder Woman or Mrs. Marvel or any freaking title for that matter