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Exclusive: MAD Magazine Targets Worst Things in Cartoons

Get your first look at Mad's take on 'Family Guy.'

It's hard to believe that MAD magazine has been around for so long. Like many others, I read the magazine growing up and it's great to see the magazine still doing what they do.

In the next issue, #520, on sale February 19, the cover features Alfred E. Neuman mixed with a little Adventure Time.

As you can see from the cover, one of the features in this issue is the debut of their "50 Worst Things about Cartoons." Let's face it, cartoons aren't what they used to be. It'll be interesting to see what exactly their angle and take on all of this is.

Aside from the cover, we've also been given an exclusive look at the show coming in at #28 - Family Guy. This is how they see it:

We know MAD mocks and parodies pretty much everyone. This is their take on Family Guy. The art is by Peter Bagge. Again, we'll have to wait for when the issue goes on sale February 19 to see what else is included and what their criteria is.


If you're interested in ordering the issue, there's a special 60th anniversary subscription deal going on.

Click HERE for details.

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Posted by cattlebattle

Thats pretty harsh
but accurate

Posted by DH69

but i like adventure time how could a hard hitting nooope back to mah toons

Posted by Logan Reilly

jokes on them: i watch family guy, but don't read MAD. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Posted by G-Man

@Logan Reilly: I do not watch Family Guy.

Posted by BlackShadowCat

Family Guy is awesome. It's funny because it pushes bounderies. The Simpsons is kind of sweet compared to it!

Posted by FatFriar_16

lol... I can't believe people actually like these new cartoons.... and, they don't see anything wrong with them =\ ...

Posted by vinnyliverpool

do people actually care what Mad magazine has to say about this stuff?

Posted by longbowhunter

I recognized that Peter Bagge art right off. Adventure Time is ok. Regular Show is like a drug for me though. Every time a new episode pops up in my DVR it makes my day.

Posted by judasnixon

Oh no! BMO threw up..... 

Posted by Gwahlur_Rising

Whoa, they're still printing MAD?

Posted by Icon

I love Adventure Time. Family Guy is hit and miss though.

Posted by powerhouse1122

Whoa, family guy hater much? That is a great show. Yet nobody understands

Posted by ptigrusmagus

Oh really, how useful of MAD to weigh in on this subject. Any type of media whose main style is parody should be cancelled. If comic books are rags then MAD is used toilet paper. I along with many others will take Adventure Time and Family Guy over that dated crap known as MAD. Unoriginal, uninspired, UNFUNNY stuff like MAD is worse than todays' cartoons they have such a problem with. Fvck you MAD. Jake and Finn > MAD.

Posted by Dragonborn_CT

Too bad they didn't name "atheist tract and anyone with even the bit slight of faith in any religion is either retarded or evil".

Posted by Sniper_King

That so true

Posted by Bestostero

Cartoons aren't what they use to be for sure, but that doesn't mean they're bad. It's all personal preference, I think Adventure Time is pretty decent, although Family Guy I could do without

anyways, i miss MadTV lol

Posted by SavageDragon

Family guy used to be funny because it was always on and had a freshness to it. Now its really hit or miss.

Edited by John Valentine

MAD is a terrible, irrelevant magazine. Go away.

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

@SavageDragon: I feel the same way.

Posted by salamatsabi

I'm sorta neutral about Adventure time. It's animation is horrible but the stories if you can bear them are memorable for kids and will teach them a life lesson or two. Family guy I like it because it's different but sometimes it abuses old jokes and references. Even uses sex jokes too often to a point where it's boring but sometimes they do have they're golden moments.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

American Dad is miles above Family Guy. Family Guy solely runs on Shock Value.

Posted by Deadcool

Mad? But Mad has a terrible cartoon, how are they gonna tell us about terrible cartoons if they have a terrible cartoon.

Posted by SoA

@SavageDragon said:

Family guy used to be funny because it was always on and had a freshness to it. Now its really hit or miss.

Posted by sentryman555

@Deadcool said:

Mad? But Mad has a terrible cartoon, how are they gonna tell us about terrible cartoons if they have a terrible cartoon.

I was just thinking this.

Also I think South Park answered all the plagiarism stuff about Simpsons. Its hard not to steal something from them because at this point simpsons has done everything.

Posted by Gambit1024

I can see how people don't like Family Guy. I'm sorta neutral on that show. Adventure Time... I just don't get it. I don't hate it, I don't love it, I just don't get it.

Posted by Lvenger

I prefer South Park to Family Guy anyway. Parker and Stone might not be better voice actors than Mcfarlene and Green but they're much better writers and their comedy, the extreme lengths they go to in each episode as well as the underlying points the show makes it a great show. They even wrote a musical "The Book of Mormon" which from reading the synopsis is better than Ted in every way IMO.

Edited by ZEELLO

@Dragonborn_CT said:

anyone with even the bit slight of faith in any religion is either retarded or evil".

I spend my days wondering this...

Posted by LaserLambert

this isn't even the worst things about Family Guy, maybe the worst content-wise, but the worst is the laziness of the jokes, and the overall lack of respect that they have in their own audience.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

That's what MAD does: they find the worst things about everything, exploit them, and turn them into hi-friggin'-lariuos jokes.

Yeah, cartoons aren't what they used to be, but they've started to get better again.

Posted by cacarl

It is MAD people. Of course they are going to try to get you "mad" with this article. I used to like Family Guy, but now they do that stupid thing of wasting the first 5 minutes, after the credits, with some pointless scene. I may buy this issue of MAD, it looks like it will be funny.

Posted by fables87

I like Family Guy, but it has it's moments. Adventure Time I just don't like. But isn't Mad satire? Why is everyone getting so worked up about satire?

Posted by Gambit1024

I'd love to see them try to target South Park. Love that show so damn hard.

Posted by Floronic_Man

Adventure Time is a super fun, crazy imaginative world full of stuff influenced by DnD,Magic,hard core fantasy and even sci-fi. I look forward to every single new episode and am never disappointed.

Posted by RedOwl_1

@Deadcool said:

Mad? But Mad has a terrible cartoon, how are they gonna tell us about terrible cartoons if they have a terrible cartoon.

LOL so truth

Posted by VaizD

In other news, Mad is angry it's not relevant anymore and is taking it out on things that are.

Posted by NightFang

I'll take Family Guy over Mad any day of the week.

Posted by Mr_riddler

You'll pay for this Alfred E. Neuman!

Posted by Mbecks14

Is the #1 worst thing about Cartoons how they keep cancelling the best ones?

Posted by tgoldberg

Ugh, MAD. I can't friggin' stand that magazine. I know 8-year-olds who can come up with more clever material than them.

Posted by Spideycap

Adventure Time is one of the best things to happen to cartoons and TV in general in awhile, wrong again MAD.

Posted by Cancer the Conqueror

@Mbecks14, @Deadcool: Nice.

@Logan Reilly: The joke is on...who? For what?

@longbowhunter: I hear you dude. I just got into Regular Show. That "Sandwich of Death" episode last week got me laughing harder than anything in a good long while.

@ptigrusmagus: Dude, if you don't like dry humor that deliberately has no punchline, don't read it, but don't go on saying those that do might as well be handling used toilet paper. It never ceases to amaze me how blood-curdling some people can get with unapologetic, nothing-is-sacred-style satire.

@Spideycap: Dude, handle some criticism. I look to Adventure Time the same way as the first three seasons of Spongebob: When it's good it's excellent, but sometimes they can seriously slip up on the characterization and plotting.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Are there even more than 50 cartoon shows right now? They probably have to really reach with some of them. They probably have other good shows on this list like Regular Show and Archer.

Posted by Aronmorales

GETTING! GettinggettinggettingGETTING!

Posted by OriginalVenom

This is absolutely hilarious! Think about how AT would be if Finn had that face hahaha.

Posted by kid Apollo

how can you hate Adventure Time? im 24 and watch it with my 3 yr old nephew, we both find it hilarious. some of the toungue-in-cheak jokes are classic

Posted by Dud317

What's a magazine?

Posted by Cavemold

amazed its still on

Posted by Mezmero

Worst thing about cartoons is that Mad TV tried to make some.

Posted by redbird3rdboywonder

Don't understand the support for Adventure Time, i freaking hate it, I'd rather have acid poured on my eyes and set on fire before I watched it or Regular show. Used to love Family Guy but it's gotten pathetic now just like CN for that matter

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