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Exclusive Look: MAD #523

Take a look at one of the spoofs found inside the next issue.

How many of you have ever read an issue of MAD Magazine? Actually, how many of you have never read an issue? It's pretty crazy if you think about the fact that MAD started back in 1952 and is still going today. With a combination of spoofs, satire and original content, there's always been something for everyone.

Before we get to the exclusive content sent to us, let's take a look at the cover to MAD #523.

Yes, that is President Obama on the cover. He's likely been on the cover several times. But here's something you might not know, this is the first issue that the Black Spy and White Spy (from Spy vs. Spy) have actually appeared on the cover! I love those guys (but I'll admit, I always rooted for the Black Spy).

Aside from that, there will be a three-page spoof of the 'popular' Williams-Sonoma catalogue, called, "Silliams-Wonoma."


MAD #523 is on sale August 28, 2013. If you don't feel like paying cover price, you can click HERE to subscribe (at 64% off cover price).

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Posted by Hanson724

I haven't had a chance to read this issue yet but I can't wait. Thanks for previewing Mad and reminding everyone it's still there and funny as ever. A 6 issue subscription is only $20, waaaaay cheap.

Posted by ravisher

good art

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

wow,,comicvine is stepping up the game.MAD is some good stuff

Posted by theTimeStreamer

wonder if this has something about obama bringing back SOPA? yeah. look it up.

Posted by PunyParker

Sweet Jesus.

Posted by Farkam

yeah, thats how Obama looks without all of the digital touch ups. lol

Edited by renny400

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

That Obama cover is GENIUS!