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EXCLUSIVE: Legion of Super-Heroes #16 5 - Page Preview

In the final battle with the Legion of Super-Villains, one Legionnaire may not survive...

As we come closer to September we see more and more of DC's comics coming to an end in preparation for the revamp of the entire DC Universe, launching this September. Yes, that's only two weeks away. No, we can't believe it either.

However, just because these books are ending, does not mean they won't be ending with a bang. Earlier today DC Comics provided Comic Vine with an exclusive 5-page preview of Paul Levitz's final issue of Legion of Super-Heroes. If covers speak volumes, then based on this one not all members will survive the DC revamp. In the final battle between the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Villains, one of the Legion teammates won't make it alive; the question is, which one? Check out the exclusive 5-page preview and accompanying solicitation below. Will you be picking up the 16th issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes, due in stores this Wednesday, August 17th?

== TEASER ==

The Legion of Super-Heroes #16

Written by PAUL LEVITZ


The finale to the battle with the Legion of Super-Villains! Like many of the Legion's past encounters with the LSV, one Legionnaire will not survive it.

Posted by Crimson Thunder

Awsome, really thinking about getting it
Posted by chalkshark

Well, it's no secret that Levitz has never liked Tyroc, so I'll be surprised if he's not the Legionnaire who dies. It's a shame, really, The Legion writers have done their level best to forget Tyroc ever existed, which I think is a disservice to the character. His origins may have been shockingly racist, but that shouldn't have kept a writer as good as Levitz from taking Tyroc & shaping him into the Legionnaire he was always meant to be. I had high hopes that Tyroc was, finally, going to make his mark in the Legion. I expect, unfortunately, that he'll have to give his life to do it. Here's hoping Wednesday proves me wrong.

Posted by Golden Cod

Is that a future successor to Professor Pyg at the bottom of the second-to-last panel?

Posted by apg103

never go into legion of superheros

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Definitely looks like its going out with a bang! Go Legion!

Posted by Grim

 a dude working tech at the DC booth at SDCC this year was sporting a real (either metal or actual gold) Legion ring and one of the plastic ones (similar to the Lantern Cor rings given with Brightest Day issues).
  when i asked him where he git it, he said by being a DC employee, and they the plastic one would be available later this year. Im really hoping it comes out with the new 52....

Posted by labarith

Am I supposed to know who any of these guys are?

Posted by SmoothJammin

At first I was going to just pick up Legion, but of late I've seriously been considering adding Legion lost to the collection
Posted by rhstickler
@chalkshark: ...but the hand that is sticking out from under the flag..isn't it white?
Posted by GundamHeavyarms
@chalkshark: Its not tyroc, he's supposed to be part of the Legion Lost team that Fabian Nicezca is writing.  It will probably be earth-man.  Now fabian is supposed to kill off two of the members in the second issue, I hope its not Tyroc or Dawnstar, they're both great characters.
Posted by StarKiller809

I got a few of the earlier issues. I was a little confused and didn't really enjoy it but that looks cool. However, I think I'm going to wait until the relaunch. I'm getting Legion Lost and Legion of Super-Heroes.

Posted by chalkshark
@rhstickler: I considered the hand on the cover as more symbolic than revealing. 90% of the Legionnaires wear gloves, so if the hand is a literal depiction of the dead Legionnaire than it's Mon-El. I'd rather not see any Legonnaire die, as each one is somebody's favorite, but nowadays you can't get through a conflict without someone buying the farm.
Posted by They Killed Cap!
You really think it will be Tyroc...I don't think it will be him. I agree he has been incredible minimized in this run.  
I am really disappointed that this run will be ending...this has been my favorite book to look forward to every Wed. Super bummed it is transitioning to something else.
Posted by chalkshark
@They Killed Cap!: It isn't though. Legion Of Super-Heroes will be coming through the re-launch largely intact. Paul Levitz will still be writing the book. He will continue with the story lines he's already established. The characters won't be changing, though I imagine some of the Legion Academy cadets will be graduating to the Legion proper. I'd say Chemical King & Comet Queen are good bets. If you're looking for an oasis in the midst of all DC's insanity, I'd say Legion of Super-Heroes is the book to stay on. 
I only said Tyroc because I know Levitz doesn't care for him. Another poster informed me that Tyroc will be in the Legion Lost series, so, it looks like he'll make it through the current story.
Posted by Joe Venom

Damn Sodam Yat, if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it

Posted by DanielHDR

Hello, Sara, thanks for publish the preview from LSH#16. 
Just a note: The art of the issue is mine (DANIEL HDR). Just the cover was penciled by Cynar. 
Thanks again, 
Daniel HDR