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Exclusive: JLA: EARTH 2 DELUXE EDITION Frank Quitely Sketches

Check out some of the extra content in the upcoming hardcover re-release.

The Crime Syndicate of America has arrived in the New 52 in a big way. FOREVER EVIL is already on its way to seriously shake things up.

Back in 2000, DC Comics released JLA: EARTH 2 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. This week, they are releasing a hardcover Deluxe Edition.

Besides the story that saw the two teams (and worlds) collide, you also get some previously unpublished sketch material by Frank Quitely. Several pages worth. Portions of Morrison's script are also included. Seeing the notes and additional sketches in the margins is a fascinating thing.

The hardcover release of the Deluxe Edition is in stores this week. DC has given us an exclusive first look at those sketches and bonus pages. Check them out.

It's definitely worth picking up, especially if you haven't read it already. And here's another spoiler, I received an early copy a couple weeks ago so I can for sure say it's pretty cool.

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Posted by KidChipotle

I'm really hoping my LCS gets this because I definitely want it. I missed out on it when it was first released and I regret it. Does anyone know what the price would/could be? I gotta manage money :D

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Posted by Lvenger

Oh man this looks really good but I'm trying to save money for university as it is. Damn you Morrison and Quitely with your perfect example of a modern superhero story! (shakes fist whilst drooling at its brilliance)

Posted by KidChipotle
Posted by bloggerboy

I thought about getting this book years ago but now I'm glad I waited. Will be getting the Deluxe Edition for sure.

Posted by saoakden

I'll be picking this up.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Looks awesome.

Posted by LordRequiem

Not the right artwork.

Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger said:

Oh man this looks really good but I'm trying to save money for university as it is. Damn you Morrison and Quitely with your perfect example of a modern superhero story! (shakes fist whilst drooling at its brilliance)

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Definitely getting it, cause there's no way in heck Forever Evil will be able to hold a candle to this

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I might get this if I like Forever Evil (when I read it).

Posted by NightFang

Looks cool.

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I gave away my softcover copy of this book when I got the deluxe hardcover collections of Morrison's JLA run a couple years back since it was included in the last volume. A hardcover of just this story with some good bonus material is pretty temting though.

Posted by longbowhunter

I bought the soft cover used a few years back. Really good story. This article just makes me wanna reread it.

Posted by nappystr8

This is a very smart time to release this. 2000 was a few years before I got into comics, so I didn't even know this existed. Looks fun.

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How fast of a read is this?

Posted by Mbecks14

I loved this story arc

How fast of a read is this?

Very! It's not long at all.

Posted by kartron

Thanks for the review. I wonder why they are re-releasing this. Is it connected to something thats going on right now?? I have the earlier hardcover edition but not read. Will check it out for sure...

Posted by Veshark

Fantastic comic, and highly-recommended. The Quitely art is gorgeous, too.

It's interesting to see how the early sketches are very similar to the end results in terms of panel layout.

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This week is way too big for me let alone my back log that has been building. Now this as well. Stop it right now comic industry. I beg you.

Posted by ppetrov83

Posted by TakeLuutzen

Is the animated movie Crisis on two earths based on this story?

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The best creative team in comics. Period.

If you don't have this already... first, shame on you... and second, buy this now!

Its Morrison/Quitely, so yeah, its that good. A bit too short, though.

Really hope those two come back to the DCU together.

@TakeLuutzen: Not really. The basic idea is the same, but thestory progresses completely different. Its much better than the movie, not counting the awesome Owlman/Batman end confrontation. Thats cooler in the movie.

Posted by Cyborg6971
Posted by impossibilly

This is my favorite Grand Morrison story.

Posted by entropy_aegis

A decent read,one of Morrisons more mediocre stories.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This book reminds me just how hot pre-Flashpoint Superwoman was. I mean she's pretty now but not so giggity as she once was.

Posted by TakeLuutzen
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@g_man said:

@arturocalakayvee: The retail price is $24.99

Cool, thought it was listed as 65 dollars? On amazon, maybe that's an uber edition?

EDIT:nevermind I got that confused with the DC One Million Omnibus, my fault.

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