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Exclusive: Jerome Opeña's ALL-NEW INVADERS #3 Variant Cover

The gang's all here and they look great.

The third issue of James Robinson's ALL-NEW INVADERS goes on sale March 5. The Invaders have just come together in order to save Namor. That means they have to go to Hala, the Kree homeworld. Wonder if they need a valid passport to get there.

Mukesh Singh is doing the regular cover but check out our exclusive reveal for Jerome Opeña's variant.


Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Steve Pugh

Cover Artist: Mukesh Singh

Variant Cover Artist: Jerome Opeña

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

looks toit but needs more Union Jack.

Posted by CoryNick

That cover is Sweet!!!!

Posted by cameron83

Jerome Opena's art is always amazing,so this doesn't surprise me (but it still looks magnificent)

Posted by nappystr8
Posted by Ando123


Posted by mak13131313

Cool cover! I have been enjoying the series so far.

Edited by jwalser3

This series is off to a good start.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by JLArturo

So beautiful....

Posted by lykopis

Those colours are spectacular. Gorgeous cover.

Posted by Teerack

Cap's junk is huge. :3