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Exclusive: Incorruptible #9 Covers

Take a look at the covers from the future!

How about another round of exclusive covers straight from the future (and Boom! Studios). This time we have a look at the covers to Incorruptible #9. Incorruptible is such a great series. It goes along with Irredeemable. Hopefully you're reading both.
What's this comic about? Let's backtrack to Irredeemable. The Plutonian was the world's greatest hero. One day he snapped and went from being the world's greatest hero to the world's deadliest villain. Basically he went bonkers and started killing. Trust me, Mark Waid does a way better job writing the comic than I do explaining it. It's some really good stuff.
What about Incorruptible? Incorruptible deals with a former villain known as Max Damage. He was the slimiest of the slime, a really low and dirty "bad guy." His partner is known as Jailbait. The two were pretty much the premiere bad guys until the day that the Plutonian changed everything. On that day, Max saw things differently. He knew he had to change. With a new name, Max Daring, he now tries to tie up any loose ends and find his place in this Post-Plutonian world.
While issue #5 came out last week, Boom! Studios has sent us a look at the covers to issue #9 from the future along with the synopsis for that issue.
== TEASER ==


Author(s): Mark Waid
Artist(s): Horacio Domingues
Cover Artist(s): A: Christian Nauck, B: Peter Nguyen,  C: Jeffrey Spokes

The Post-Plutonian society has begun to degrade even further, and super-villain turned super-hero Max Damage is preparing for the fight of his life. Max is under the microscope of a Mad God and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Especially when you’re Earth’s unlikely champion. Don’t miss this companion series to Mark Waid’s Eisner-nominated series IRREDEEMABLE.

Issue ships with two covers in a 50/50 split
COVER C (Incentive: 1 for every 10 ordered)

Which cover do you dig more? A trade collecting the first four issue is now available. Check it out.
Posted by Green Skin


Posted by Ms. Omega

Very nice

Posted by Asymmetrical

tough decision, I think I might prefer the second but it's a close call

Posted by Tesseract

First one is better for me...

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I like that first cover more. 
I still get confused about Jailbait. I know she is suppose to be underage, but she's never really looked so from what I have seen. Was she underage before and just grew up and keeps the name?

Posted by NodNolan
@FoxxFireArt: the origin of Jailbait is supposed to be told through issues #5 - #8 of Incorruptible, hopefully most of what we need to know will be there.
Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: From issue #1.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
That's a tad disturbing that he loses interest once she is of a legal age.
Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: Actually it was the other way around. He's turning over a new leaf. He turned her down after being missing for a bit. He didn't want any of "that" now. He's actually stopping her...
Posted by FoxxFireArt
I remember now. He's trying to turn over a new leaf and he's trying to be a good guy.
I guess that is better-ish of him.
I was just wondering if this was a case of how Hope is suppose to be a teen but has a body to rival Emma.
Posted by Pizawle
The art change almost killed the series for me. And whilst entertaining, I hope it picks up some. Just got done reading Irredeemable #6-11. Damn, the series picks up. Amazing.
@FoxxFireArt said:
" @G-Man:  That's a tad disturbing that he loses interest once she is of a legal age. "
I lol'ed hard.
@FoxxFireArt said:
I guess that is better-ish of him.  I was just wondering if this was a case of how Hope is suppose to be a teen but has a body to rival Emma. "
Ain't the comics world wonderful?