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Exclusive: HUMAN BOMB #1 4-Page Preview

Get a look at Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti's upcoming series at DC Comics.

If a story about an ex-Marine's who uncovers a conspiracy about an "ultimate bomb" is something of interest to you, then the upcoming HUMAN BOMB series from DC Comics just might be a comic you'll want to get into. The book, which is written by the guys behind ALL-STAR WESTERN, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti stars Michael Taylor as the ex-Marine who uncovers a conspiracy that he may unknowingly be a part of. Check out the preview for the first issue below, set to hit stores on December 5th, and let us know if it is a book you might be picking up.

Ex-Marine and war veteran Michael Taylor discovers a conspiracy to use human bombs to destroy the United States! But how can he possibly stop them when he could be their ultimate bomb?

Written by: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: Jerry Ordway

Cover by: Jerry Ordway

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Dec 5 2012

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Posted by Fhiz

And by the end he'll hook up with Lucien Gates and the new Phantom Lady. I'm interested to see what the end game is on these mini series, one would think Freedom Fighters ongoing, but these minis haven't exactly been setting sales charts on fire.

Posted by zackattack529


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This series is gonna bomb................. :)

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Looks interesting to me..not enough to actually get, but as a TP later on maybe? ::shrugs::

Posted by TimeLordScience

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

This series is gonna bomb................. :)

do you have an IGN account?

Posted by TheMess1428

Jimmy and Justin look to be building up for a New 52 Freedom Fighters it looks like.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@TimeLordScience said:

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

This series is gonna bomb................. :)

do you have an IGN account?


Edited by andrewbullheaded

Is it just me or dc's new comics get lamer by the minute ?

I mean yeah make new comics but human bomb ? come on dc give Cyborg his own series.

Posted by Psycho_Soldier

I liked both PL & TR minies, but they are taking too long too build up to Freedom Fighters, maybe they could have started the ongoing already & show some flashbacks or do a #0 similar to the one done for DCU Presents

Posted by _Black

I just want Freedom Fighters.

Posted by Spideycap

@TheMess1428 said:

Jimmy and Justin look to be building up for a New 52 Freedom Fighters it looks like.

Hope so, I always like d the Freedom Fighters.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

really scrapping the bottom of that 90s barrel huh dc?

Posted by wisesonAC

Can we just give cyborg a damn Series already?

Posted by Miss_Garrick

It's nice how Jerry Ordway's art is still consistently good, no matter how long he's been in the business. As opposed to certain artists whose work has gone down considerably. *COUGH* romita jr.*COUGH*

Edited by mosnterduc1000

@andrewbullheaded: "come on dc give Cyborg his own series."


@wisesonAC: "Can we just give cyborg a damn Series already?"


I was interested until I saw Ordway...I could never get into his art.

Posted by chalkshark

DC barely gives it readers a chance to get to know the second Human Bomb, and now we're getting a third? I wish Ordway wasn't drawing this, so I wouldn't have to bother with it, but I suppose I'll pick it up for the art.

Posted by Raven575

Congrats for being the Exclusive spot for this preview. Saw this post from DC's facebook page. VERY NICE!

Posted by DJ1107


Human Bomb was made in the 40's.

Posted by Raven575

@theTimeStreamer said:

really scrapping the bottom of that 90s barrel huh dc?

It looks like they're re-creating the 90's version, but the Human Bomb has been around since 1941.

First appearance.

Posted by Video_Martian


Posted by cagedleo730

What is the "90's version" of Human Bomb? There was only 1 version until 2006 with Infinite Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven. When you wanna call something 90's, it should actually have a reference to that decade. Ordway's art isn't even 90's since he's been drawing like that since before that decade.

As for a Cyborg series, maybe you should argue about that on a thread about an ongoing, not a mini. Unless all you want is a Cyborg miniseries.

Posted by ty2playa

i dont know much bout the dude but it look loike it is go be good to me

Edited by lifeboy

Im waiting for the freedom fighters, starman, doompatrol, mister terrific, JSA, JLA, because im old school. I will probably start picking up worlds finest. Huntress and powergirl sound like a good team to me.

Posted by lifeboy



If you dont like it, then go read something else. hell, DC has over 52 titles. what this is about is giving something different. to add even more variety. for example, who would believe that a western comic would be in print right now? Its likely DC knows this comic wont sell well, but they still put it out to give you even more variety. dare i say, they even try to experiment with left field ideas. As for me, I like classic characters.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@lifeboy: if i dont express my opinion, how will they know what the public might like or not? so shut up.

Posted by lifeboy

@theTimeStreamer: ok, I will shut up. And you, take your comics and stick them up your a$$

Posted by herrweis

maybe it's just me,but ordways art is not appealing.maybe its his inker because back in the day in all star squadren he was killing that art

Posted by whitelantern64

@lifeboy: Bro, Imma give u a heads up, world's finest is a good concept but horrible execution thus far. The only redeeming issue so far is the zero issue. So pick that up if ur interested, otherwise the other issues ain't worth ur time. If u like JSA, pick up earth 2 by robinson, that series is amazing right now. Plus they just finished an arc, so you can pick up next month's issue with no issues about being in midstory.

Posted by whitelantern64

@mosnterduc1000: Why don't u want cyborg to have his own series? I could easily see a good story line there, a difficult father son relationship, a possible love interest in the aide (I forgot her name), and possible villains in profssor ivo. They could also introduce the new 52 metal men, plus i think its just a cool concept in general, a made man who now has to adjust to his new life.

Posted by TDK_1997

I like how it looks like and now I am even more keen to see this.

Posted by jesusdisciple001

seeing this i just want palmiotti gray and conner to be creative team of catwoman and worlds finest

Edited by k4tzm4n
@theTimeStreamer said:

@lifeboy: if i dont express my opinion, how will they know what the public might like or not? so shut up.

@lifeboy said:

@theTimeStreamer: ok, I will shut up. And you, take your comics and stick them up your a$$

  This is a public forum.  If someone doesn't like something, they're allowed to say it. If someone doesn't agree with said opinion, they're allowed to do so. The critical thing is doing this in a remotely civilized fashion and elaborating to get your point across clearly.  Telling people to "shut up" and place comics where the sun doesn't shine isn't an example of doing such a thing.  Keep it friendly, okay?
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

@k4tzm4n: hahaha Burgundy'd!

Posted by mosnterduc1000

@whitelantern64: I'd rather see a Shazam series!!!

Posted by lifeboy

@whitelantern64: @theTimeStreamer: @k4tzm4n:

Thanks for the correction k4tzm4n. I didnt mean to be polluting the comicvine forum.

Sorry i snapped windstreamer. I get upset when i hear something negative about what I consider the best company ever :)

I have heard its bad whitelantern but i get the feeling I will enjoy reading it because i think those girlos have interesting things to say.

All 3 of you look at my picks for worlds finest powergirl and huntress movie actors. martha macullum and kimberly guilfoyle. both are from Fox News!

Posted by The_Kid_Lantern

I think the HB has a lot of potential, but honestly with the New52 they should've just reimagined Damage/Grant Emerson and made him the Human Bomb and used a variation of his first suit with the radioactive shirt. I'll give this a look. While I was a huge fan of the 90's the Ray series and character, I was a little disappointed with the new take [mainly because it wasn't Ray Terrill with a helmet] however I did dig the new look....


Posted by whitelantern64

@mosnterduc1000: I want both a cyborg and Shazam series. I will gladly give DC more of my money each month if they add two of those solo series. What they could do is make a separate Shazam series and add a mini cyborg series at the end of each JL so that they can see that a cyborg series would sell.

Posted by whitelantern64

@lifeboy: that last part is a joke right?

Posted by lifeboy

@whitelantern64: )-,: oh yeah? Then who would you cast for any comicbook movie?