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EXCLUSIVE: Four Page Preview of HAWK AND DOVE #6

Hawk and Dove leave Washington, D.C. for Gotham City in the series' sixth issue.

What happens when HAWK AND DOVE goes from crime-fighting in Washington, D.C. to Gotham city? DC Comics has given us an exclusive look at the upcoming sixth issue of HAWK AND DOVE where the duo takes it to Gotham and teams up with Batman, himself. Well, at least one of them will.

Written by ROB LIEFELD

Art and cover by ROB LIEFELD

Hawk and Dove arrive in Gotham City hot on the trail of a villain who has stolen a deadly weapon from their home turf in Washington D.C.! The trail leads from the nation's capitol all the way to the doorstep of the Dynamic Duo. Get ready for Batman and...Dove?

Legendary creator Rob Liefeld flies solo in this issue with a story that'll change the way you see Gotham forever!

Hank Hall is on the run from Blockbuster across Gotham City's rooftops while Dove is keeping herself busy teaming up with Batman. What are the two crime-fighters doing in Gotham? Will they be able to stand the Gotham heat? Will Hawk be able to take on Blockbuster? If all else fails, "hit him in the jewels -- full force," right? Check out the four-page preview of the upcoming book written and penciled by Rob Liefeld, below.

== TEASER ==

HAWK AND DOVE #6 hits store shelves on February 1st, 2012.

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Edited by nightwing91

@ReVamp said:

@nightwing91: I know, I know. But I... I WANTZ BLOCKIE BACCCCCCCCK.

Seriously though, I know that he could be back, I just wanted to emphasize how much more I prefer Roland over Mark. Mostly because one is a Nightwing villain.

To be fair Dick as Robin did battle Mark, and he was more enjoyable as Mark was nothing but a dumb brute. Course, if Underworld Unleashed didn't happen in the New 52 then Roland wouldn't have his intelligence and would be essentially the same boat.

Posted by cheywoodward2

So DC is continuing on its quest to put Batman in everything it possibly can. I'm waiting for his appearance in Demon Knights.

In other news, Rob Liefeld still sucks balls. Somebody needs to break his hands so he can't draw anymore.

Posted by Guardiandevil83

Batman is Dc's Wolverine.

Posted by TDK_1997

It looks like that I won't buy this 6th issue.

Posted by zackattack529 ANOTHER title.....*facepalm

i guess he'd have to be in hawk and dove right before it gets cancelled. he cant miss his window of oppurtunity. enough is enough DC. we get it. batman is awesome but you tarnish his awesomeness by putting him in every title! and in a title that has one of the lowest sales no-less. putting him in it isnt gonna make people read it anymore! pssh even from the previews not appealing. i didnt even see batman or dove..i saw hawk..who was crossed of this issue? 0.o uggh lol

Posted by StarKiller809

Was reading this for three issues, but just not feeling the art or the story that much. The art was okay with me for a while but it's only so much you can take before you start thinking that doesn't look right.

Posted by Abattoir_Noises

Wow, this looks extraordinarily bad, though I will admit, Liefeld's work has always made me cringe. Like a free comic that comes with your cereal or somethin', know what I mean? Also, who is this Blockbuster character? I'm not really well versed in the DCU, but from this preview he reminds me of a hippie hulk, 'specially with those sweet purple pants.

Posted by CWB

 dfcRob Liefeld, Marjorie Liu and Jeff Loeb should start their own comic book company so they can stop messing up comics.

Posted by CWB
@Guardiandevil83 said:

Batman is Dc's Wolverine.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
@pikahyper said:

That's one ugly Batman o.o

Posted by Dedpool

Man, that right there is proof Lifield sucsk. That is a HORRIBLE Batman!!

Posted by saoakden

Dude is DC Comics goal to make Bruce Wayne aka Batman show up in every New 52 book? For that matter Gotham City? Seriously, I know the character is popular but this cameo in different books are as crazy as Marvel's Constant events.

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