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Exclusive First Look: WHAT IF? AGE OF ULTRON

Find out what happens if things went down differently during Age of Ultron.

Earlier this month we got a look at the first issue of WHAT IF? AGE OF ULTRON. The weekly five part series begins on April 2. Today, Marvel has given us an exclusive first look at the second issue.

You can check out all five interlocking covers at


• In a world without Iron Man, the Armor Wars are fought without a victor, scorching the Earth!

• Years later, one of the last remaining superheroes, an aged Amazing Spider- Man, must form a Fantastic Four the likes of which our world has not seen in years!

• Teaming with Ghost Rider, the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine they are in pursuit of the one weapon that could unite the planet — The Forgotten Iron Man!





32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

FOC 3/17/14, ON-SALE 4/9/14

Posted by LCazT1996

Wait Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider are "powerless"? Bullspit.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

They should do a "What If Age of Ultron Was Good?" Book next

Posted by patrat18

What if it never existed?

Edited by loplopool

What if they hired real artist insteado f 4yr old kids

Edited by dondave

So Iron Man dies and Wolverine becomes a sailor?


Edited by Master_Thief

Wait.... shouldn't hulk be grey

Edited by TheManInTheShoe

Huh, look, it's the "Fantastic Four"

Posted by BuNKiTZ

Umm... So we don't have Iron Man and... Wolverine's like a sailor or something. Spidey's got a beer belly. And Hulk's a... hippie? Who also wears shoes... o_O

Posted by Koays

-_- You know, ignoring the fact that Age of Ultron didnt deliver as a story or as an event that would "change the marvel universe forever".......This is stupid.

Posted by Mutant God

They should do a "What If Age of Ultron Was Good?" Book next

or What If it made sense

Posted by TheBlackHood

I am still looking for the greatest "What if" of all. "What if Wolverine wasn't in every Marvel book?" That is a reality I would travel to.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

So Wolverine looks like the Skipper from Gilligan's Island; Hulk is, what, a Shaolin Monk; Ghost Rider looks like a hunchback, and Spidey is dressed like a retired WW1 pilot.

What if we don't make this and focused on making some better books and events?

Posted by The Stegman

@jonny_anonymous said:

They should do a "What If Age of Ultron Was Good?" Book next

or What If it made sense

or What if it mattered.

Posted by MetalGOD

Ummm O_o

Posted by EdBlank

Ghost Rider looks like something from Adventure Time. How did they manage to make him look hilarious?

Edited by frozenedge

Marvel usually has some pretty good artists but this just doesn't work for this title at all

Posted by Z3RO180

That art is beyond s£&t

Posted by Noteworthington

I think the art is amazing, although I tend to appreciate comicbooks as a medium instead of decry everything reflexively.

Edited by Leave1942

Oh man, this art is absolutely amazing. I wish more comics looked like this.

Posted by Deadpool2325

What the hell is this?!? Looks as awful and pointless as the real thing. Arrrgh!

Posted by micah

Like the change in art

Edited by Spideysense44

Ultron is still my favorite villain

Posted by BKole

I think the art is amazing, although I tend to appreciate comicbooks as a medium instead of decry everything reflexively.

Thank you. Reading the most of the responses to this artist made me want to punch my computer screen. I would imagine that the artist isn't, in fact, four years old and is employed by a major publisher, which is more than can be said for the person posting that response, who, I would imagine, is a master of burning McDonalds Patties, or simply, a master of being an arse.

Posted by bgibs13390

Sooo fat Spider-Man, hippy Hulk, Wolverine the Sailer Man and Hunchback Ghost Rider are looking for Iron Man...well color me intrigued!!

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

I'm really enjoying that art. It's different than what you see mostly now a days. But the portrayals of these characters are hilarious just because there is no Tony Stark. Fat Spider-Man who can't decide if he wants to hear his classic gear or his symbiote gear, Wolverine is now a sailor, Ghost Rider looks happy, and Hulk is a hippie wearing BALLERINA SHOES! All because Tony disappeared! Hahahahahahhaha. I can't help but WANT to read this because of that.

Posted by fil123

looks like spidey has been drinking too many brews on his spare time

Posted by Deadpool2325

I have nothing against this art but what does any of that seem to have to do with ultron?

Posted by Deadpool2325

I have nothing against this art but what does any of that seem to have to do with ultron?

Posted by TommytheHitman

@patrat18 said:

What if it never existed?

The world would be no different. Except Angela would have been given a decent reason to enter the verse and I'd have spent £30 on something decent! :)

Edited by TheJedinator13

that art looks so amazing! its just like Manhattan Projects! :D :D :D

Edited by JonSmith

Y'know, I have no doubt there is a place for this kind of art. I don't like it, but I bet in another story (or universe) I wouldn't mind it. But when the concept is: A bunch of old/retired superheroes setting out in a wartorn, scorched Earth seeking the one forgotten man who might save humanity, I'm thinking Old Man Logan. I'm thinking Spider-Man: Reign. I'm thinking Hulk: The End. I am NOT thinking Saturday Morning Cartoons.

This possible present SOUNDS like a s***hole I'd love to read about. But it LOOKS like a joke I want to avoid.

Taking into account that the last Event What if? was the lackluster AvX, and that was an atrocity, and Age of Ultron's mediocrity in general, I think I'll be passing this one by.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

Unfit Spidey now that looks funny

Posted by dagmar_merrill

That art is fantastic.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Interesting. Looking past the fact that Wolverines claws magically curved around his fist and knuckles in the first pages, I don't mind the art. It doesn't look like a little kid did it (seriously find me a kid who can draw like that), it's just a different style. I was iffy about this, well until they mentioned The New Fantastic Four would be in it. Picking it up.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

I have nothing against this art but what does any of that seem to have to do with ultron?

I think it's just called that because of when in Age Of Ultron, Wolverine killed Hank Pym, we saw a glimpse of how the Marvel Universe would have gone without him, and these issues seem to be exploring what would happen in a world where a different early Avenger had died.

I can't quite see the Ultron link though, as presumably there would be no good reason for these heroes to be deliberately killed off during Age Of Ultron. Maybe it's just so Marvel can put a comic on the shelves with a similar name to an upcoming film to draw in more readers.

Posted by addikhabbo


Posted by cosmicallyaware1

artwork looks terrible, ugh.

Edited by Rainja

@loplopool: LOL, I agree, and that was hilarious!!!! This art is shit. However. Just wait, The Marvel Hippies are going to come out and talk about how Beautiful and unique this art is and this is so appealing. The story looks to be shit, like shit, Ironman dies and Hulk is friendly,Spiderman has a pot belly and wolverine is now a sailor. SHIT art and story!

Edited by VOR_8701911

Nice to see so many people butthurt about variations done to their precious heroes in a "what if" series. It's a WHAT IF series. It's supposed to be different. You havent even given it a chance yet.

Posted by Rainja

@vor_8701911: I still don't see how Tony Stark the technological genius death will:

1.Cause Hulk to be a cross dresser wearing ballerina shoes.

2.Turn Wolverine into a damned sailor.

3.Cause the spirit of Vengance to be happy

4.Result in Spider-Man gaining a damned gut.

Please explain to me where is the connection.

Posted by VOR_8701911

@rainja: you know, that's probably explained in the comic and if you read it when it comes out you might find the answers to all of that. Imagine that.