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Dynamite Entertainment gives us an exclusive peek at the covers and solicitation to their July issue of The Shadow.

Dynamite Entertainment is already gearing up for summer by giving us an exclusive first look at some of their new releases for July, 2012. First up is your first look at THE SHADOW #4 written by Garth Ennis featuring art from Aaron Campbell and covers by Alex Ross, Howard Chaykin, John Cassaday and Sean Chen.

Ennis delves deeper into the back story of The Shadow's real identity; and he does so through the "speculation by Taro Kondo and Buffalo Wong." So who is The Shadow? This and much more will continue to be revealed in THE SHADOW. Check out the full solicitation and the four covers to the upcoming fourth issue below.

== TEASER ==


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by GARTH ENNIS


Covers by ALEX ROSS (25%), HOWARD CHAYKIN (25%), JOHN CASSADAY (25%), SEAN CHEN (25%)

Exactly who the Shadow might be- or who he once was- is the subject of some grim speculation by Taro Kondo and Buffalo Wong, but the answer may be closer than either suspects. Meanwhile, Cranston and Margo come face to face with the full horror of the Japanese occupation... and on the River Yangtze, a deadly ambush awaits the unwary.
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Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

That art !

Posted by The Impersonator

Watch the 1994 movie and you'll know his true identity. =P

Posted by revbucky

Alex Ross' art is incredible!!!

Posted by Arevish

At first I tought he was The Spider

Posted by DocFatalis

One of my favorites oldie goldie characters. Great news!

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Really looking forward to this comic series.

Posted by Crash_Recovery

I've listened to The Shadow radio recordings since I was a little kid, loved them all.

Unfortunately I just can't bring myself to pick up this series. Though the Shadow wasn't adverse to killing an enemy if needed, I personally don't want to read a book where he'd bloodily blowing away his enemies en masse.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Alex Ross cover, MINE!

Posted by KidSupreme

ALEX ROSS... you dont even need to write his name and you can spot his work.. he is simple awesome!

Posted by Billy Batson

exclusive? I'm pretty sure that I saw those covers at Dynamite's site

Posted by Trodorne

@Babs said:

Is it just me or is the man on the right of this cover look a hell of a lot like Don Draper?

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

@Trodorne: Was about to mention that. Looks exactly like him.

Posted by Doctor_Stahl

These two need to start a club or something XD!