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Exclusive: First Look - Select Dynamite Entertainment January 2014 Solicitations

Find out what's coming up after the first of the year.

Every month comic fans look forward to seeing the monthly solicits from the publishers to find out what's coming up. Dynamite Entertainment has given us an exclusive first look at several of their January 2014 solicits.


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar, Agnes Garbowska

Writer: Art Baltazar and Franco

Art: Art Baltazar

AW YEAH BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! The search for Earth continues in this awesome epic event of tiny proportions! Who are these Cylons? Are they friends or foes? Does complaining to daddy Adama help or make things worse? Fear not, Apollo and Starbuck are here to save the day! Find out the answers to questions you've always wanted answered: How old do you have to be to ride a colonial viper? Is there a height requirement? And what does Baltar have to say in all of this? And where do Baby Cylons come from? Come join the new and smaller adventures aboard the Battlestar Galactica. And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar, Agnes Garbowska

Writer: Eric Trautmann

Art: Agnes Garbowska

Welcome to Stoker, Maine, the most normal, boring town in the world. Or is it? There are sea serpents roaming the docks, a mummy in the town hall. And a gaggle of ghouls and goblins just devoured the breakfast cereal aisle at the local Shop-O-Mart. Who is behind this monstrous rampage? And can it be stopped? When there are spooks afoot and arcane mysteries to be solved, it's time for Vampirella—teen scourge of the supernatural—to crack the case! And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet and a “Pantha” comic strip by Brandon and Orion Jerwa and Agnes Garbowska!


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar, Agnes Garbowska

Writer: Brandon Jerwa

Art: Ian McGinty

Better! Stronger! Faster…and smaller?! Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are the newest students at A.S.I. – the Academy of Science Intelligence, a school for the unique and gifted. They’re also both cyborgs – human kids with a variety of high-tech body parts and modifications. Can these two outsiders put aside their shyness, and a growing rivalry, in time to take a stand against alien invaders who are determined to ruin the A.S.I. Track and Field Day? And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar, Agnes Garbowska

Writer: Roger Langridge

Art: Roger Langridge

Eisner and Harvey Award winning cartoonist Roger Langridge brings you his own, all-ages take on cult favorite EVIL ERNIE! Ernest Fairchild is the most evil kid on the block. Why, he never eats his vegetables... his library books are sometimes three weeks late... and he once xeroxed his own butt! Can Mister Smiley, his annoying yet strangely ineffectual conscience, make him change his ways? And are Daddy Fairchild's blank eyes somehow related to his peculiar odor, rotting flesh and appetite for human brains? Get a copy for yourself and one for the kids... it's wall-to-wall zombie fun for all the family! And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar, Agnes Garbowska

Writer: Jim Zub

Art: Joel Carroll

Li’l Sonja is a warrior girl who travels the lands testing her mettle against monsters big and small, a younger pluckier version of the famous She-Devil With a Sword. When Li’l Sonja encounters a town plagued by eccentric bandits, she needs to figure out the pattern behind the thefts and bring the baddies to justice. No task is too tough for our crimson-haired hero. And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Bill Tortolini, Max Dunbar

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Art: Max Dunbar

At long last DIA agents Bunch and Malik uncover the connection between the long-lost film Mocking Dead and the real-life undead plague keeping the globe -- and you have to see it believe it! But with the zombie apocalypse quickly reaching the point of no return, can they stay alive long enough to get it to the military in time?


Price: $4.99

Cover Artist(s): Fabiano Neves, Lucio Parrillo

Writer: Brandon Jerwa

Artist: Heubert Kahn Michael

Final issue! Lock the doors and close the curtains, loyal readers. The time has come for The Last Vampirella Story. Who's telling it? Who's listening to it? And who saw it coming before anyone else? What will become of our beloved Vampirella, and her vast array of friends, foes, and family members? It's the end of the world as we know it...for now.


Price: $29.99

Cover Artist(s): Bob Larkin

Writer: Steve Skeates, Budd Lewis, Bill DuBay

Artists: Jose Gonzalez, Auraleon, Jeff Jones, Ramon Torrents, Gonzalo Mayo

Born in ancient Egypt, the high priestess Sekhmet was cursed by the sun god Ra to walk the Earth forever as the feline heroine, Pantha! Dynamite proudly presents her very best tales from Vampirella Magazine, reprinting her every appearance from the classic horror anthology where it all began. From her first appearances in solo adventures, through her inclusion into the regular cast of the ongoing Vampirella storyline, The Best of Pantha captures all the magic, mystery, and malevolence of the immortal were-panther's early publishing history. Featuring tales by legendary horror writers Steve Skeates, Budd Lewis, Rich Margopoulos, and David Allikas, and brought to life by the incomparable artistic talents of Auraleon, Leo Duranona, José Ortiz, Alfredo Alcala, and Atoz!


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Jay Anacleto, Carlos Rafael

Writer: Mark Rahner

Art: Jethro Morales

The penultimate issue of the hit miniseries that was extended twice! Dejah Thoris is under cover as a slave girl with her Dirty Half-Dozen Thark force to destroy a powerful weapon. But can she trust them to destroy it and not her? Or does she want to die?


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Jay Anacleto, Fabiano Neves, Mel Rubi

Writer: Robert Place Napton

Artist: Carlos Rafael

Following recent events, Dejah Thoris has sheltered a young orphan, but she may have gotten more than she bargained for when the resourceful child proves to have her own agenda and escapes. Meanwhile, an assassin with a score to settle has set his sights on the same young girl. Dejah must find her before the assassin does!


Price: $16.99

Cover Artist(s): Jay Anacleto

Writer: Mark Rahner

Artists: Lui Antonio

The peace John Carter brought to Helium and Thark is new and fragile. On the eve of a Red & Green festival to balm age-old hatreds, Dejah Thoris is kidnapped. The ordeal triggers her lingering nightmares of abuse and helplessness at the hands of brutal Tharks. And the kidnapper is nightmare personified: Voro. He caters to a taste some green men never lost: the red meat of Helium women. Contains #1-4, all of Jay Anacleto’s beautiful covers, and a risqué art cover gallery.


Price: $3.99

Cover Artist(s): Francesco Francavilla

Writer: Ande Parks

Artist: Esteve Polls

Bank Job! This special issue takes place entirely in the few hours following a bank robbery in the old west. The Lone Ranger and Tonto join a posse in hot pursuit of a ruthless gang who has taken off with a pile of gold and a hostage. The Ranger will employ everything he knows about tracking and fighting before he enters a chasm in pursuit of the murderous robbers... a chasm much like the one that claimed his father and brother years earlier.


Price: $19.99

Cover Artist(s): Matt Wagner

Writer: Matt Wagner

Artists: John K. Snyder III

"Justice, justice for all!" With this rallying cry, the daring adventurer Zorro fights to unseat the brutal Spanish regime that holds authority over Alta California. Striking by night astride his magnificent stallion, Diego de la Vega keeps his identity secret, acting alone to protect those he loves. But he is no longer the only masked figure stalking the corrupt, as the mysterious Lady Zorro takes up a sword of her own. Driven by revenge for her murdered family, she strikes down her enemies indiscriminately, offering them no mercy. Although Zorro serves as her inspiration, he cannot condone her actions. Are they destined to face one another as enemies? Or will the distraction of their moral conflict make them easy prey for the bloody killer, El Galgo? Collects issues #7-12 of Zorro Rides again!

Posted by Mucklefluga

Ah, it's only a one-shot. I was wondering how Art and Franco would fit this in their schedule, especially with the newly-announced Tiny Titans news.

Posted by HeckTate

I hate the sudden popularity of all the "LIL whatever's." The entire chibi style thing bugs me, but reducing the characters to their most basic kid-friendly elements just makes it worse.

Is anyone else bothered by the lack of anything in-between kid's oriented comics and borderline porn comics they showed here? Does anyone take Dejah Thoris or Vampirella as anything but sex symbols?

Edited by lifeboy

Dejah looks AMAZING on the cover of the 'red meat' tpb. It just doesn't make sense that dynamite titles don't win best covers on a consistant basis on the CV weekly feature.

What's up with the black canary pushing vampirella on that tire swing??? I want a black canary /vampi crossover now. Almost as much as another buffy/ vampi crossover.

Edited by inferiorego

I love, love, LOVE the Agnes covers. Pure adorable awesomeness!

@lifeboy said:

Dejah looks AMAZING on the cover of the 'red meat' tpb. It just doesn't make sense that dynamite titles don't win best covers on a consistant basis on the CV weekly feature.

I agree, the TPB cover is amazing. Dynamite covers do get on the best cover list pretty often. Not every week, but they're up there at least twice a month.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Gawd I love the way Fabiano Neves draws Dejah O_O

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@hecktate: I agree seeing a toddler red Sonja then a naked mars alien next to each other is weird