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Exclusive First Look: FANTASTIC FOUR #10

If things weren't bad enough for the Fantastic Four, it's now time for "The Fall of Reed Richards."


(W) James Robinson (A) Marc Laming (CA) Leonard Kirk


• A savage and strategic attack on REED RICHARDS!

• Can WYATT WINGFOOT save a self-destructive JOHNNY STORM?

• SUE RICHARDS goes to Latveria to reclaim her daughter...and she'll take on DR. DOOM if she has to (continuing straight into this month's FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL)!

Rated T

Item Code: JUL140646 In Shops: 9/10/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Posted by Chaos Burn

So have we established if Marvel is slowly getting rid of the original FF team?

Posted by Boynerdgeek

Fantastic Four is suppose to be about unity and family. The fall of Fantastic Four family seems doesn't fit with F4. I don't want F4 to be Dark and Serious comics

Edited by n25philly

What minority is he going to replaced with? Senor Fantastico?

Posted by kantrip

Right now the best course of action I've taken with all of Marvel's new ideas, has been be to embrace the "..."

Those three little dots keep me reading, and waiting. Not judging, ignoring the rumor mills and spoiler covers. Just "..." or "To be continued..."

And if at any time I don't care to know what comes after those dots, I drop the book.

James Robinson loves his Golden Age characters and based on his exit interviews from DC, I get the strong impression that he wouldn't go running from DC to Marvel if they had any intention of axing a project that he was putting a lot of time and effort into.

Just gonna wait this one out. Plus it is also comics....even if they do shake it up, wait for the next movie to come up.

Posted by BR_Havoc

@boynerdgeek: I'm not a fan of a dark Fantastic Four but I'm a fan of this series. Robinson is not being doing this for shock value and he is not doing what writers like Remender does by viciously attacking and tearing down the hero of the book. There is a plan in action and like Robinson has said since the first issue its the fall of marvels first family for them to come together and rise like a phenonix from the ashes stronger then ever.

Posted by Boynerdgeek

@br_havoc: yeah you got a point. I'm not a fan of Captain America but cap fans complaint about the way Remender handling the character

Posted by Perfect 10

looks like the scarlet witch to the rescue.

digging the new frightful four. who is the bald chick? reminds me of dc's jinx aka SUPER COOL! though havent we had enough "fall of" stories??

Posted by Cap10nate

I've been loving this series. Robinson has been doing a great job with the fall of the FF. It has all been handled very tactfully so far and you don't get that dread that you would have if Remender was writing where you just assume that the worst is going to happen.

I just wish it was broken back into the F4 and FF because there are too many separate groups now for each to get adequate panel space without short changing someone or the story being dragged out forever.

Edited by feargalr

Cool, quite enjoying this series so far.

Edited by ZbvmX


Indeed. Expect a big payoff in the end of the arc/season :D


so who is the hot piece of ass snake chick trying to get with Reed?

Edited by Teerack

Is that... Moon Dragon?????

The Johnny and Wyatt story sounds the most interesting to me. I was really glad to see Wyatt again in Captain Marvel, but then a new writer who has no clue what she's doing took over and Carol is being a bimbo in space, so we stopped seeing him again.

The Sue thing doesn't sound smart. Wont they take Val like they did Franklin?

I'm sure I'll love this issue since this series as been batting a 1000.