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Exclusive First Look At Two of Top Cow's Upcoming Pilot Season Books

Get a glimpse at what these new books are all about!

Every August Top Cow releases their highly anticipated Pilot Season comics where the readers have the opportunity to vote on their favorite books. The book that gets the most votes goes on to receive its own ongoing series. This year, Top Cow will reveal the Pilot Season comics that are currently in the running during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Can't wait until then? Comic Vine was lucky enough to score two teaser images to two of the proposed Pilot Season books that will be released later this year for you, the fans, to vote on. The big question? What could these books be about? What we've got are two teaser images and two quotes for each of the books; you can catch those images after the jump. What do you guys think of Pilot Season? Do you like the idea of being able to vote for your favorite series? Be sure to check back for more information next week and to catch an interview with the creators of these new series!

== TEASER ==

I like the Pilot Season stuff, I wish their was more devoted follow through on the characters latter though (though Velocity finally came so all good here I guess)

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Looks awesome! :) I know I can't wait.

Posted by Kairan1979

I like the idea to be able to vote. Too bad the stories I voted for never won.
Pilot Season series I liked - Velocity, Twilight Guardian.

Posted by longbowhunter

After Top Cow's miniseries Echoes I really feel I need to check into this.
Posted by NexusOfLight

The first quote really got my attention. Man, Top Cow and Radical are definitely my favorite two companies. I love their stuff. Lookin' forward to this year's Pilot Season.

Posted by ninjadude853

I somehow missed Pilot Season last year, i'm looking forward to it this year, especially that first one.

Posted by Pizawle

I always end up finding the whole thing underwhelming.

Posted by justafan
@Kairan1979: Velocity was great! the art was just fantastic
Posted by Captainthunder

What happened to the weekly update? There hasn't been a new one in a long time?

Posted by labarith

Comic writer exploitation. 
Plain and simple.

Posted by Nuec_Sol
@labarith: ?! 
Anyway I like these mini's Top Cow has been comming with.
Posted by Aiden Cross

I'll get both, I love Top Cow stuff =)

Edited by digimod

This is a joke.  they've been doing this for four season now and nothing ever really comes from it. I got caught up into it at first but with no real follow-up I got frustrated and lost respect.
Posted by Eyz

Sometimes, some good pitches come from these pilot series :P

Posted by FalcomAdol
@labarith said:
Comic writer exploitation.  Plain and simple.
Is it?
Comic writers like to write, and without paying for an artist and printing themselves, it can be hard to get a script that isn't sufficiently mainstream even to a first issue.  Seems like this is a chance for some pitches to come to market that otherwise never would.
Posted by mesosteros

I want more Necromancer and Madame Mirage...

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I love most things that come out of Top Cow