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EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Dynamite's Vampirella #4 and Lord of the Jungle #5

Get a first look at the upcoming titles before they hit stores in April.

If Dynamite Entertainment is experienced in anything, it's in their ability to breathe new life into familiar fictional characters. In two of their most recent series they have done exactly that. Earlier today the publisher provided Comic Vine with an exclusive peek at the upcoming issues of LORD OF THE JUNGLE #5 and VAMPIRELLA VS. DRACULA #4.

In VAMPIRELLA VS. DRACULA writer Joe Harris continues to craft a story that will pit these two vampires against one another. Stuck in the past, Vampirella continues to seek a way out of the past and away from the wrath of the 'Order of the Dragon.' What will happen next?

Not to be outdone, writer Arvid Nelson continues to tackle a completely different genre in his re-telling of the story of Tarzan in LORD OF THE JUNGLE. In the series' fifth issue, Tarzan is still playing hero and Jane continues to feel torn over her love for the "Lord of the Jungle" and her desire to return to her former life. What will become of these two characters?

Check out the cover art to both issues below and let us know if either of these titles will be making it to your pull list. Both books will be available in stores this April, 2012.

== TEASER ==
LORD OF THE JUNGLE #532 pages FC • $3.99 • MatureWritten by ARVID NELSONArt by ROBERTO CASTROCovers by LUCIO PARRILLO (50%), PAUL RENAUD (50%),FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (1:10)The rough-and-ready sailors who set out to rescue Jane Porter from hairy man-apes find themselves in need of salvation. Lucky for them, they have the greatest action hero of all time on their side! Tarzan has already rescued Jane, but can he win the confidence of the men he is trying to help? Jane, meanwhile, is torn between her feelings for Tarzan and her desire to return to civilization. She'll have to make a difficult choice in Lord of the Jungle #5: Lost Treasure. Be thankful comics can't transmit smells in addition to images!
VAMPIRELLA VS. DRACULA #432 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +Written by JOE HARRISArt by IVAN RODRIGUEZCover by JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNERAs the end of one cycle in his immortal saga draws near, Dracula finds his 19th century 'anchor' which he hopes might stop the repeating narrative he's longed to be free from forever. But he'll have his hands full, no doubt. For while Vampirella might be time-tossed, herself, and struggling to find her own footing in this never-ending danse macabre, the mysterious Order of the Dragon have their sights set on her as well. Hunted from all sides, she'll have to remind them all that she's a creature of the night all her own... and she's still got one hell of a bite!
Posted by The Impersonator

Tarzan and Jane. Anyone remember that cancelled TV show? =P

Posted by Miss Menace

Yes, AWEsome.

Posted by Miss Menace

Psyched for V vs D, and I might check out Tarzan

Posted by sweetesttoaster

Those are some skimpy outfits...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Right on with Vampirella!

Posted by NightFang

@The Impersonator:

Posted by shawn87

Is Lord Of The Jungle any good?

Posted by tonis

damn, worth the price of admission just on the artwork alone :)

Posted by rasx

Lord of the Jungle, is already in my pull list.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

Already sold on anything with Vampirella of course but this Lord of the Jungle business is actually looking pretty awesome, I should really start investing in more of Dynamite's books, I always just feel like they're not aimed at people who aren't familiar with the characters but I should try one before making that assumption