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Exclusive First Look: A+X #17

Doctor Doom, Hulk, Iron Man, Beast and Captain America. What more could you want? How about Broo?

As you may know, A+X is soon coming to an end. Issue #18, written by Brian Michael Bendis and Gerry Duggan, will be the final issue. Until then, we have an exclusive first look at the action that happens before that, in issue #17.

-Emmy Nominated writer Jeff Loveness from the JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! show makes his Marvel debut! Paco Diaz (WOLVERINE: JAPAN’S MOST WANTED) joins Jeff for a story pairing Iron Man and the fan-favorite X-Student Broo!

-Part 5 of the CAPTAIN AMERICA + CYCLOPS story by Gerry Duggan (DEADPOOL) and David Yardin (X-Factor).

Posted by JTKirk101

OOHHH my God !!!! did Dr. Doom just break Hulks arm!!! WTF!! hahaha

Posted by GrenadeFlow

Hahaha Namor broke Red Hulk's hand now Doom breaks Hulk's hand

Posted by Wolverine08

Doom dominates over any beast!

Posted by Mxyzptlk_CV

Who writes this nonsense?

Posted by Mucklefluga

Aaaaawww maaaaan, I don't want it to end :(

Posted by Master_Thief

lol broo and ironman

also doesn't the art look a little disney ish?

Posted by JTKirk101

Maybe Doom got a power increase as of late.

Posted by Wolverine08

@theacidskull: Gods know better than to cross Doom, Hulk is nothing to him!

Posted by Wolverine08

@theacidskull: Your example fails in that Captain America does not have 1/10th of Doctor Doom's swagger fueling his PIS!

Edited by MrPhoenix

Doom strongest one there is, lol what a pile of crap.

Edited by Alak

I get that Doom is a top-tier villain, but being a physical threat doesn't make sense. It's uncommon to see any villain take out Hulk so easily in a fisticuffs match.

Posted by Onemoreposter

Doom is such a boss.

Posted by frozenedge

Doom combines science and magic, he should pretty be able to stomp a lot of people

Posted by Mars8254

I wished they actually used lesser know characters in this series. This series was fun though.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

1) Um...Dr Doom can indeed beat The Hulk, but without some kind of power augmentation ( i.e. stealing the Power Cosmic) he shouldn't be able to take a punch from The Hulk, let lone counter and break his arm. So I will have to read this to see how this happens, but as cool as it is to should not be the case lol

2) What in the world happened to story in A+X 1, the one where Dale Keown penciled when The Maestro and Days of Future Past Logan attacked Hulk and Wolverine in the Avengers Tower? It said The End...for now, but did it pick up elsewhere and I missed it?

Posted by 2cool4fun

WTf, this makes no sense, since when is doom strong enough to break the hulks arm? And since when does the hulk go back to his human form after being hurt, he should have just gotten more angry and healed him self...

Also am I the only one tired of this black iron man suit, I want the freaking red & yellow suit back...

Posted by Smurfboy

Looks good. I do not want A + X series to end anytime soon!!!

Posted by Grimoire

@2cool4fun: Completely agree. Hulk doesn't weaken, he gets stronger.

Posted by wealthywyatt

Dr. Doom breaking hulks arm? BOSS. Hulk should've known better.