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Exclusive Extended Previews: MASKS #8, RED SONJA: UNCHAINED #3 and VAMPIRELLA #30

Get a longer look at some of this week's Dynamite releases.

Every week we give you an extended look at some of Dynamite Entertainment's new releases. This week we're given you an exclusive longer look at the latest issues of MASKS, RED SONJA: UNCHAINED and VAMPIRELLA.

MASKS #8 (of 8)

Chris Roberson (w)

Dennis Calero (a)

Alex Ross, Ardian Syaf, Sean Chen, Stephen Segovia (c)

4 regular covers will be shipped in equal ratios

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

The startling conclusion to the best-selling miniseries! The mysterious master of the Justice Party stands revealed – but is it too late for the greatest crime fighters of all time to stop the party’s far-reaching plans? Join The Shadow, Green Hornet, Zorro, The Spider, Miss Fury, and other pulp legends as they bring two-fisted justice to those who would corrupt the law!

FANS, ASK YOUR RETAILER FOR THE Alex Ross “virgin art” retailer incentive cover Alex Ross “sketch art” retailer incentive cover, Ardian Syaf black & white art retailer incentive cover.



Peter V. Brett (w)

Jack Jadson (a)

Mel Rubi (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

With a bounty hunter hunting her down in connection to a murder, and a demon haunting her dreams, Sonja finds that avoiding her past isn't as easy as taking off her chainmail armor!

FANS, ASK YOUR RETAILER FOR THE Mel Rubi “classic chain mail” retailer incentive cover.



Brandon Jerwa (w)

Patrick Berkenkotter (a)

Paul Renaud, Lucio Parrillo, Fabiano Neves (c)

3 regular covers will be shipped in equal ratiosFC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Vampirella and Criswell are stranded one hundred years in the future, unraveling a mystery of apocalyptic proportions. Meanwhile, in the present, their allies struggle against a deadly coven of witches whose terrible spells threaten to damage all time and reality!

FANS, ASK YOUR RETAILER FOR THE Paul Renaud “blood red art” retailer incentive cover.

Edited by DigbyKong

"Let justice be served!"

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Excellent stuff! Can't wait for the trade for Masks and Red Sonja is great! As for the Vampirella stuff...I just had to include the video. Just couldn't resist.

Posted by Ultra_beleco

Vampirella vs The Jetsons. Really. ^^

Edited by ccraft

Masks issue 1 has got me really interested in the Dynamite comics, I hope to collect the rest of Masks.

I also might check out Red Sonja too.

Posted by superbatspiderclops

Dynamite has some great titles, I might be daring enough to say their better than what image has going on right now

Edited by DonFelipe
This is madness!

Edited by bigboi100000


Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

I <3 DE ^-^

Posted by Doing_Wrong_So_Nicely

That Vampi cover has quite the Hellraiser vibe to it. I like it.

Posted by jwalser3

Masks is such a great series. Sad it's coming to an end.

Posted by cbishop

The Jetsons cameo is funny. Masks looks like such a cool series. Seriously wish I had fun money for more comics.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

So the Clock, who may or may not be the FIRST superhero in comics history, is a master villain? Bummer.

Posted by NightFang

Yay, more Dynamite!