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Exclusive Extended Preview: THE NINJETTES #2

The comic listed as containing "inappropriate behavior."

It's Tuesday so that means an exclusive extended look at one of Dynamite Entertainment's comics. If you haven't already seen the others, you can check out previews to all of this week's releases HERE. For our extended look, we present THE NINJETTES #2.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Mature

Written by AL EWING



Virgin Art” Retailer incentive cover by ADMIRA WIJAYA

“Negative Effect Art” Retailer incentive cover by ADMIRA WIJAYA

Kelly has a much-needed heart to heart with her dear, dead Dad, and Varla finds out there might be someone even crazier than she is. Meanwhile, Daisy's workplace drinking leads to some inappropriate behavior - and by 'inappropriate behavior' we mean a full-scale gun-fu apocalypse.

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Posted by KidSupreme

The art is amazing but i am collecting so many different series .. i am actually starting to get confused .. I`ll probably buy the first trade paper back.

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

Looks interesting! I'm going to check this out.

Posted by cracker_jack

beautiful cover

Posted by Billy Batson

'inappropriate behavior' omg what's this?
Meh, I've seen worse.

Posted by B_Heart

Ninjas are so handsome! Looks good

Posted by The Impersonator

The series should be called....The Saw Ninjettes. =P

Posted by KRYPTON

Inappropriate behavior is just another way of saying on the comic book, "Parental Advisory". They should've just stuck with the regular "Parental Advisory" rating on the comic instead of changing the name, oh well. This comic looks interesting.

Posted by virginiaforniquer

Just one question that I'm sure I could find if I cared enough to look. I know the Ninjettes were killed in Jennifer Blood... so is this like, before that? Or did they somehow work around their messy ending?

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Nice cover art, Ninja gals..a little too much gore for me, I'll try.

Posted by Video_Martian

Eww, a bit too bloody for me... :P

Posted by Inverno

Sick :-P

Posted by fables87

Violent much...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Bloody as hell. I've seen bloodier but wow, that certainly is eye opening. Now how about a Ninjettes/Kill Bill crossover?? Who's with me??

Posted by Nerx


Posted by cosmokatt7

Heh! The cover looks like "Sucker Punch" (The Comic)

Posted by Saren

I really can't take the Ninjettes seriously after watching them get slaughtered (literally) in their very first appearance. What kind of assassins are they supposed to be?

Posted by 1fearless1

I can't believe there are sickos that support this kind of crap. I'm disgusted and outraged by kind of madness.

Are we humans anymore? This is just sick! I hope this company burns to the ground for producing such graphic comics.

Boycott all the way!

Posted by 1fearless1

Comic Vine should've NEVER posted/promoted this garbage. Shame on YOU!

Posted by Eyz

What the heck is this!?!

Posted by virginiaforniquer

Really? Really? Someone's always gotta start preaching. Should Lionsgate films be boycotted for producing "Saw" and all it's sequeals? I bet for sure there's one or two Lionsgate films you like.

It's not like there was no warning, the description says there's LOTS of blood. And if you didn't bother to read the description, then it's your own fault for walking into something without paying attention.

Now I agree that this is just too much for me. It's not my taste, so you know what? I won't read it. You have that same option

But Dynamite produces some outstanding books like Red Sonja. They are an outstanding comic company.

Bottom line, if you don't like this, don't buy it. If you don't want your kids exposed to it, be a f*cking parent and don't let them buy it. But don't shove your morality down my throat.