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Exclusive Extended Preview: KINGS WATCH TP

Get a look at the whole first issue from the upcoming KINGS WATCH TP

Every week, Dynamite gives us some extended previews and aside from the normal extended previews, found here, we also get to look at the whole first issue from the upcoming KINGS WATCH trade, coming out on 8/13/14.


Jeff Parker (w)

Marc Laming (a/c)

FC • 160 pages • $19.99 • Teen+

Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Mandrake the Magician are together again… for the first time! When strange phenomena fill the skies and all humanity shares the same nightmarish vision, three iconic heroes rush headlong into danger to save us all! While playboy adventurer Flash Gordon uncovers an alien menace, the ghostly jungle champion known as The Phantom faces murderous creatures in the African wild. But it's only Mandrake, a stage performer in touch with the mystic realms, who knows how these horrors are related... and how they threaten to shatter the Earth. Brought together through the efforts of reporter Dale Arden, the eccentric Professor Zarkov, and man-of-action Lothar, the heroes must overcome the Cult of the Cobra and their otherworldly allies! Collects issues 1-5 along with Jeff Parker’s original script to issue #1, character sketches, a complete cover gallery and more.

Posted by DarthAznable

Dat art

Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude

Every time I read this series this plays in my head

Edited by cdw101

YEp, dat art!!!!!!! We need a phantom series with............ Dat Art!!

Edited by Donovan Montgomery

Want be able to check it off my want list.

@Smart_Dork_Dude: That looks like something I now need to find.

Posted by Dedpool
Posted by cobracaptain

I picked all the issues of this mini-series. I think the last issue was terrible.