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EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite's 'Kirby Genesis: Silver Star' 7-Page Preview

Dyanmite Entertainment reveals a 7-page preview of their upcoming 'Kirby Genesis: Silver Star' series.

Dynamite Entertainment has given Comic Vine an exclusive 7-page preview of their upcoming first issue of 'Kirby Genesis: Silver Star. The series will be written by writer Jai Nitz with art by Johnny D. The series' November issue will feature covers by Alex Ross, Jae Lee and Mark Buckingham (Fables). Silver Star was the last of comic book legend Jack Kirby's creations, and will be making his return later this fall. Check out the official press release and full 7-page exclusive preview below.

Will you be picking up the first issue of 'Kirby Genesis: Silver Star' this November?

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Press Release

September 26th, 2011 - Runnemede, NJ - Spinning out of Kirby: Genesis comes one of Jack Kirby's greatest creations - Silver Star! Get a firsthand look at America's greatest unknown superhero in this sterling debut issue from writer Jai Nitz and artist Johnny D. The story, which has been worked on with the support of Kirby: Genesis creators Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek, can be found in stores this November with covers by Alex Ross, Jae Lee, and for the first time ever at Dynamite, Mark (Fables) Buckingham!!!Before Kirby: Genesis there was... Silver Star! The last great Kirby creation, Morgan Miller is the first of a new breed-- Homo-Geneticus. The most powerful man in the world has been living in secret for the last thirty years, but he's been busy. Silver Star secretly protects the world from the amazing super-powerful dangers that threaten billions every day. Witness superheroic war, giant monsters and astral adventures!

"Silver Star stands next to Captain Victory as one of Kirby's greatest independent creations -- those he gave the greatest thought and attention to," says legendary artist Alex Ross. "It's a key accomplishment of the Kirby: Genesis series to return these characters to visible prominence in the field. Silver Star is Jack Kirby's Superman and Dr. Manhattan all rolled into one."

"I recently saw Grant Morrison at Comic Con in San Diego," stated Silver Star writer Jai Nitz. "He hugged me and asked how the Kirby stuff was going. He did that because he gets it. Of course he does. He just wrote Supergods, a book about the connection between the superheroic stories we tell and ourselves. He knows that no one has ever told superheroic stories better than Jack Kirby. When I say "ever" I don't mean just in comics. I mean ever. Jack Kirby is in the pantheon alongside Homer and Shakespeare. I get to write Silver Star, the last great Kirby creation. Like our publisher Nick Barrucci said, "It isn't Kirby and Simon, or Kirby and Lee, or Kirby and whoever-- it's just Kirby." It's about human potential and the future of superpowers. It's the kind of thing Morrison talks about in his book. It's crazy ideas, unbridled with the needle buried in the red. I want to write comics like that, but I get to jam with Kirby, the greatest master of our medium, from the inception stage. It's great big gobs of fun. Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek are doing the real highwire act by putting all these distinct Kirby creations in the same universe and kicking the dial up to eleven. I'm surrounded by genius. There is a genius scaffold, genius collaborators, genius creators, and genius hugging fans. I'm so happy to be along for the ride I could burst."

Acclaimed cover artist Jae Lee had this to say, "It's an honor to be following in the footsteps of the greatest creator this medium has ever known."

"Studying the pencil art of Jack Kirby, trying to capture some of his dynamism and energy, reinvigorate my own drawing and helped me evolve into a much better artist," says the fan-favorite cover artist Mark Buckingham. "Jack Kirby is comics. Not just an artist or writer, but a primal creative force that still exists in the heart of so many modern comics and their creators. It is an absolute delight to be able to contribute cover art to Silver Star and to help honor his legacy."

"When I was told I would be working on characters created by the great Jack Kirby himself, I erupted in crackling Kirby energy dots myself," exclaimed Kirby: Genesis - Silver Star artist Johnny D! "I'm under way with it now, the script rocks and having my pages go through another icon Alex Ross, I'm really going to grow as an artist and deliver my best work by far!"

Posted by turoksonofstone

Ross makes beautiful Kirby Krackle.

Posted by 00MirageKnight00

Looks Awesome!

Posted by longbowhunter

The interior art looks good. Too bad all of Dynamite's books are $3.99 and are usually mediocre.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Man that looks great. Please...someone give me a chance to make more $$$ so I can start branching out and getting more good stuff like this! Will work for comics!

Posted by pikahyper

@longbowhunter said:

The interior art looks good. Too bad all of Dynamite's books are $3.99 and are usually mediocre.

Don't forget long and drawn out, most of the time what could have been a single issue gets stretched into a long and boring 4-5 issues, its like watching Dragon Ball Z...

Posted by keith71_98

WOW!!! Looks fantastic.
Posted by Luke Danes

The interior art looks not as bad as i had feared. It´s Kirby, please do not screw this up! :o)

Posted by Ultimate_MiracleMan

My interest has officially been caught

Posted by Green ankh

So many of Dynamite's title look very good. I so want to like most of them but in the end they just do n ot hold up. Genesis is dull, Priject Super Heroes is well. What a shame so many great ideas so littlequality

Posted by longbowhunter
You make a valid point.
Posted by movieartman
yeah the Dbz antimated movies where so much better than the shows for that exact reason  
they didnt have the room to cram the time frame full of pointless exposition. they had to get to the point with the films.......................................... ok random rant over but seriously any other Dynimite series u would recomend?
Posted by movieartman

Does anyone else see a strong David Finch Influence in the interior art? 
i love the interior art im not bashing it (cus well i like david finch) but still

Posted by tonis

damn, that is looking gorgeous!

Posted by _OMEGA_

Posted by Eyz

Was the gore all that necessary for something Kirby-related? I mean, seriously?