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EXCLUSIVE: Cowboy Ninja Viking Art!

Cowboy Ninja Viking artist Riley Rossmo sends us some exclusive art!

I don't think that A.J. Lieberman's Cowboy Ninja Viking comic series would be as intriguing if it were not for the incredible art of Riley Rossmo. While the individual issues look fantastic printed in person, Rossmo's pencils will blow you away in high resolution. 
The details in his work are absolutely breathtaking. Don't believe me? Check out the incredible art that Rossmo sent exclusively to Comic Vine below. While Riley was unable to make it to last Friday's podcast to join Tony and I in a discussion with writer AJ about Cowboy Ninja Viking, he did send us art from issue 6 of comic book that has yet to be released. In addition to a look at some of the incredible interiors we can expect to see in the upcoming issue, Rossmo also sent us the unreleased cover to issue #7 of Cowboy Ninja Viking.
 If you have not been reading Cowboy Ninja Viking, be sure to pick up the trade that contains issues 1-5 and hits stores this Wednesday, May 26th. Look for issue #6 on June 9th! 
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Posted by Benzo

Oh wow!, the art looks amazing! :O

Posted by GT-Man

IM oh wait i cant MAN

Posted by G-Man

Wait'll you guys read issue #6. It gets CRAAAZY!

Posted by xerox_kitty

It was Riley Rossmo's art that got me into CNV.  However, I still have the last few issues to catch up on.  I'm gonna go back and start from issue 1 again :)    
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I am already buying more comics than I can afford, but the podcast made it sound really interesting.

Posted by .o0Johnny0o.
@ArtisticNeedham: Although I won't be responsable for your sudden fall into bankruptcy generaly, I'd recommend this to anyone. I think I'm gonna pick up the trade as well (hopefully has some extras)
Posted by salarymanjam

The trade is amazing. A lot of work went into it and these guys really care about servicing fans. It has this amazing matte cover with gloss lettering and its packed with issue covers and pinups. Loved it.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

Art is very similar to some other artists I love, looks like an interesting read, but not my cup of tea :)