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Exclusive Cover Reveals: Variants for SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #8 & BATMAN #34

Check out the variants to two of Scott Snyder's books.

We have some more exclusive cover reveals for you. Here's a look at a couple more variants. They're not selfie or monster ones. Just some groovy art that's different from the regular cover. And with that art being from Dustin Nguyen and Rafael Albuquerque, all we can say is, "Wow!"


Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Dustin Nguyen

On sale: July 30 2014

It’s all going to hell as cosmic-level war breaks out! The full truth of who — or what — Wraith is finally comes to light!

BATMAN #34 VARIANT EDITION (Rafael Albuquerque)

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Matteo Scalera

On sale: August 13, 2014

ZERO YEAR is over, and the events of BATMAN: ETERNAL have put Gotham City in a tailspin, but Batman is focused on finding a killer who has haunted his hometown in secret for years. This special issue features art by Matteo Scalera (DEADPOOL, Black Science) and sets the stage for the next major Batman story in the fall.

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Edited by fallbrigade

Dustin Nguyen can do no wrong with his art, at least for me. Both covers are great though.

Edited by 2cool4fun

Umm, I think you guys switched the covers.

Seems it's all fixed now.

Edited by Lvenger

Those are some damn fine covers, that's for certain.

Edited by The Average Bear

Both covers are great. Really excited for Scalera on Batman! I'm a huge fan of his

Edited by longbowhunter

I love the Art Deco look on the Superman cover.

Posted by Nahuel


Posted by Teerack

I like the batman one a lot.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Those are extremely good covers.

Posted by LyraFay

I want to frame those and put them on my bedroom wall.

Posted by Superguy1591

Batman one is so boring, it's been done a million times.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

whaat> Why is Superman on Batman and Batman on Superman? Makes no sense?

Posted by Dernman

whaat> Why is Superman on Batman and Batman on Superman? Makes no sense?

Love, lust. Take your pick.

Posted by Jakkoaks

Great covers though i prefer the superman one up-side down