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Exclusive Cover Reveal: SIX-GUN GORILLA #5

Find out what's coming up in the series. Six Gun Gorilla will have his hands full against a four-armed bounty hunter.

A gorilla with guns. It's exactly what you would hope for. The second issue of SIX-GUN GORILLA is on sale today and a second printing of the first issue is coming soon. Boom! Studios has given us an exclusive first look at the cover and solicit information for the fifth issue. If you thought a gorilla with a gun was something, it seems there is more excitement to come.


It’s a Weird West showdown like you’ve never seen before: Six-Gun Gorilla faces off against the sadistic, four-armed bounty hunter Auchenbran in a dust-up for the ages! And while the battle rages, Blue discovers that he was brought to the Blister for a reason, and his seemingly inconsequential quest is anything but…

Author(s): Simon Spurrier

Artist(s): Jeff Stokely

Cover Artist(s): Ramón Pérez

Posted by Hawkguy

That looks awesome, I can't wait to get all six parts of this series.

Posted by SoA

why... have i not heard of this???

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh that looks simply great! Have to check this out.

Edited by G-Man

@soa: I'd say pick up issue 2 today. If your store doesn't have any #1s, ask if they're getting the reprint on July 24.

Edited by munkieKONG

I almost bought number 1.... I need to trim the fat on my monthly comic list so I have room for more random cool stuff like this.

... and by room I mean money...

Posted by kimsthomas12

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Posted by DonFelipe

Wicked cover!

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

@soa said:

why... have i not heard of this???

Posted by munkieKONG

Just picked up the #2

Posted by hufnagel0

@soa: It's been a fun as it looks. First issue took me by surprise and the second one is the best thing I picked up this week (after East of West, but that goes without saying.)