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Exclusive Cover Reveal: LIFE WITH ARCHIE #35 - The Wedding of Jughead

Wedding bells are ringing. What are the chances burgers will be served at the reception?

Check out our exclusive cover reveal for LIFE WITH ARCHIE #35. This is the comic that looks at two alternate future realities where Archie married either Betty or Veronica. And now, Jughead is getting married.


Archie Marries Veronica—Life has been rather tumultuous in Riverdale as of late, and everyone has plenty on their minds! Big things are about to happen to some of our favorite pals ‘n’ gals, but it seems as though everyone’s own personal problems might cause them to neglect the ones they love. Will Veronica’s legal issues continue to pull her away from her friends and family, or will super-detective Sam Hill save the day and allow her to be free from the shackles of house arrest? Can Archie finally put an end to his unemployment streak? Can these issues be solved in the days leading up to two good friends’ big day? No matter what the circumstances, through the good and the bad, the people of Riverdale always manage to stand together as a community—find out if that remains true in “Dearly Beloved” Part 1!

Archie Marries Betty— The dramedy continues in the Archie Marries Betty universe. After a long and stressful nine months (for Jughead, at least!), could Midge finally be ready to bring the newest member of the Jones family to Riverdale? Meanwhile, Archie and Betty haven’t been on the best of terms lately—will they be together to celebrate this happy occasion? And in the midst of impending birth and marital woes, another relationship is ready to enter a new stage. Guess who’s tying the knot next in “And Baby Makes Three” Part 1!

Script: Paul Kupperberg

Art: Fernando Ruiz, Pat and Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli, Glenn Whitmore

Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Pena

Burger Beast Variant Cover: Chad Thomas, Rosario “Tito” Pena

On Sale Date: 4/30

48-page, full color comic

$3.99 U.S.

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Posted by SaintWildcard

I wonder how many people here actually read Archie...

Edited by G-Man

@saint_wildcard: I'm sure loads of people do. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many titles with so many creators. We may not get a lot of comments on the Archie posts but they do get views. That says something.

Edited by ghost_rider_888

who reads theese ?

Posted by RazzaTazz
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I still find these nice treats to read.

Posted by ZbvmX
Edited by SaintWildcard

@zbvmx said:

@saint_wildcard I do. Afterlife w/ Archie is at the top of my pull list :D

I don't count that as an Archie book, it's a Zombie book with Archie it, there is a difference.

Edited by SaintWildcard

And a mighty unicorn appears.... I have no beef with Archie, and Im sure it is selling, I just thought it was weird that I could count on both hands how many comments Ive seen on Archie articles :P

Edited by RazzaTazz

@saint_wildcard: Sure, it is not very popular, but comics doesn't just have to be able superpowered people punching each other either.

Edited by SaintWildcard

@razzatazz said:

@saint_wildcard: Sure, it is not very popular, but comics doesn't just have to be able superpowered people punching each other either.

You don't have to tell me. I've enjoyed stories like the New York 4&5 or Young Liars. I hope to find/buy more when I get some extra cash. I wish there was more comedy graphic novels like those.... or there are and I just dont know where to look.

Posted by NightFang

Everyone is getting married.