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Exclusive Cover Reveal: EXTERMINATION #8

Take a look at the covers to the final issue coming in January.

Last month we had the exclusive preview for EXTERMINATION #4 from Boom! Studios. Now we're going to jump ahead a little.

The final issue of EXTERMINATION lands in stores in January. Boom! Studios has given us the exclusive first look at the covers and the solict information to this issue.


FINAL ISSUE! It all ends here – in the heart of the Abattoir, Nox and Red Reaper attempt to unleash Absolute on the world. Will their final gamble succeed in ridding our dimension of the EDDA infiltration? Will they both survive the encounter? And what will become of the post-post-apocalypse? The superhero epic comes to its conclusion, straight from the minds of Simon Spurrier and artist V Ken Marion!

Author(s): Simon Spurrier

Artist(s): V Ken Marion

Cover Artist(s): A: Tom Derenick B: Antonio Fuso C: Tom Derenick B&W

== TEASER ==
Posted by supermanfan1234

so whos the character with the blue cape?

Posted by mattwing87

So was this cancelled or a mini series? I picked up the first issue since it was only $1

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

It does look cool but is it any good?

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

@supermanfan1234: Another rip-off of Superman lol

Posted by butters911

I love this series! Why is it ending?

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@butters911:@mattwing87: It was a mini-series

@supermanfan1234: Absolute a superman archteype

@Jonny_Anonymous: It's really enjoyable.

Posted by Decept-O

Don't recall hearing about this series. I thought the first cover may have been done by Jerry Ordway but that is a good thing! I like it quite a bit, conveys the action and emotion very well.

Posted by KnightRise

Is this series any good?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Just 8 issues? Sounds like a cancellation...but I sure can't say with certainty. Still, if they make a TP of this I'll so get it.

Posted by Gigant

Midnighter is that you?