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Exclusive Cover Reveal: AVENGERS UNDERCOVER #9

Baron Zemo is going to have some visitors.

Here's what you can expect in August. The full solicits will go out later this week.






• Justice comes to Baron Zemo’s super-villain city!

• When the heroes arrive, whose side will our Murder World survivors pick?

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

that cover is horrific

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@jonny_anonymous: looks like Pym is burping

I thought Wolverine killed Pym in Age of Apocalypse?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@jthood: No he's been the main character in Avengers A.I

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For some reason I thought of this when I saw the solicit lol.

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Zemo's one bad mofo

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Well this encounter was a given. Can't wait to read this!

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Zemo is such an underrated character.

Posted by Wardishy

That is such a weird mouth. I can't stop looking at it.

Is Hank trying to eat Zemo, or what?

Posted by Sifighter
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Jeez that's a quick turn around! Anyone else feel this is being rushed?

I mean, let's do a tally -- Arcade's dead by 3. They join up with Zemo by 5. The heroes crash the island by 9. In between that we get some specific temptation issues for the characters (IE: 6 for Deathlocket, 7 for Nico, etc.). Given the sales so far and level of drop, it could very well wrap itself up by 12 -- 18 is pushing it with its low starting position.

This . . . does not bode well even without that.

The cover implies heroes coming to the rescue, and calls out to those who don't want the kids to go evil and gives them false hope that the Avengers and Hank in particular will help sort things out for them and bring back the characters people with pre-existing emotional attachment out of this series and back to the good guys. But it will more than likely be a fake out and further cement them as "Evil" rendering them even more easily disposable and less cared for by editorial than they were before.

Loving the characters but hating what's being done with them is a painful place to find yourself. Having been there for over a year now thanks to Dennis Hopeless, I can say that with impunity.

Posted by LiveForever

that cover is horrific

Really? It's the only reason I clicked!

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@jthood said:

@jonny_anonymous: looks like Pym is burping

I thought Wolverine killed Pym in Age of Apocalypse?

You meen Age of Ultron?) Yes, he killed, returns to "his" time, facepalmed, returns in past, stops himself from killing Pym, kills his other self (or was killed?) and after that time itself facepalmed and sent shockwaves in past, present and future and even other univeses.

Posted by ImpurestCheese

Hoping to see Songbird make an appearance if anyone knows about Zemo's manipulations its her. Probably won't appear though since she's persona non grata to Marvel at the moment.

Posted by JTHood
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That is one seriously gross picture of Giant-Man. Zemo looks cool, though.

Posted by Legendary_StarHero

That is a pretty good looking cover.

Posted by Teerack

Save these kids Hank! D:

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Posted by Jeremy1989
Posted by mtrakos

Someone needs to die at the hands of zemo.