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Exclusive: Captain America Team-Up Variants Revealed

With a movie about to be released, Cap is jumping on the covers of several comics.

As you should be aware, Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters in the U.S. on April 4. To celebrate, Marvel is releasing a series of Captain America Team-Up variants on some of your favorite comics. They've given us the first look at them. Check them out.


AVENGERS #28 by John Tyler Christopher

NEW AVENGERS #17 by Paolo Rivera

DEADPOOL #26 by Mike Perkins


Which ones are you going to try to get?

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Posted by ColaNicole

Spiderman one looks awful.

Posted by Fallschirmjager
Posted by Tattacus
Posted by longbowhunter

Cool I really like the Tim Sale cover.

Posted by kriminal

that superoir one looks sick

Edited by LiveForever

The Cap/Falcon and Cap/Widow ones are outstanding!

Edited by iaconpoint

Why don't their variants go along with the books? Like such as him and Captain Marvel on her book and him and Black Widow on her book and so on. First one to say, "He's on the cover of a Spidey book with Spidey!" wins absolutely nothing. Not even a No-prize. Just nothing.

Edited by KrazyCrab

why is he not with deadpool on the deadpool variant

Posted by Skyhawk1

Why is Deathlock on Deadpool cover?

Posted by G-Man

They've done this before. Avengers month, Thor month, Agents of SHIELD month. The variants are just a different way to collect covers based on a theme rather than always dealing directly with the title. Yeah it would be cool to see them more related but I still think this is pretty cool.

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Posted by DDangelico
Posted by Tattacus
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The Black Widow cover is awesome as is the Falcon one.

Posted by Ducey13

Tim Sale gets my vote. Paolo Rivera's is sweet. Tyler Christopher did a REALLY nice job on Captain Marvel but I feel Cap should be the dominate figure on the cover. NOT one of Mike Perkins better works.

Posted by cobra88king8

Nice to see a Tim Sale cover.

Posted by StMichalofWilson


Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

Does anyone else think Carol looks like she was added to a pre-existing picture on that Avengers cover?

Posted by vandinejd_1991

Ich will all of zem!!! Ich will read zem and then burn them because I'm the Red Skull!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Edited by DCWarFan73

Where's the Bucky Barnes variant covers?

Posted by viin

The black widow one is the best.