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Exclusive: BATMAN/SUPERMAN #5 Variant Covers

Take a look at the different covers available next month.

Next week BATMAN/SUPERMAN #4 is out and wraps up the first story arc. Next month, on November 6, Brett Booth steps up to the plate (with Norm Rapmund) to provide the art in BATMAN/SUPERMAN #5. Looks like they're bringing Toyman with and the objective in the comic is to kill Batman!

DC has given us an exclusive look at the variant covers. Here's the standard variant:

Of course, there will be a black-and-white version.

Check out the variant for the Combo pack:

You're probably aware how the Combo pack usually takes the regular cover and changes the color. Compare it to the regular cover if you haven't see that yet.

Here's the official solicit info:


When the new Toymaster uses a secret, potentially deadly element in his new video game, the characters created by players manifest in real life! The ultimate fighting game results—and a world-wide network of players must team up to create the most powerful, skilled Super Heroes imaginable with one goal: To kill Batman. Can Superman come to the rescue before the game claims its victim? Find out in this amazing issue that’s printed in a special horizontal storytelling format.

Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

Cover by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

Variant Cover by: Jon Bogdanove, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 3.99

On Sale Date: Nov 6 2013

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Posted by Lvenger

A couple of decent looking covers for certain. Not too bad at all.

Posted by Superguy0009e

Geez, this series is looking quite good.

Keep it up Pak!

Posted by turel_hash_ak_gik

not booth, anything but booth. well the book is dropped.

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

looks quite cool

Posted by AllStarSuperman

Booth should have stayed on Nightwing IMO

Edited by gorillazman2012

@allstarsuperman: I agree with you completely, I really liked his art on Nightwing, and Teen Titans, but for some reason I can't work out I've not been a fan of the other stuff he's been on recently, couldn't put my finger on it, but I didn't like his work on JLA at all

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@gorillazman2012: his nightwing stuff was amazing, but his new tie in book to Fovever Evil ARGUS looks bad!

Posted by Vaeternus

The second one reminds me of Injustice for some reason.

The first one I like more though. Both are cool.

Posted by KidChipotle

Ergh...Booths art....I used to love it but lately I find myself not liking it at all...

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I don't like that they're changing from Jae Lee to Brett Booth. Too different styles

Posted by iaconpoint

@themanintheshoe: There is no way Jae Lee can keep up with a monthly book so they had to bring in someone else.

Edited by ectoborge

Hell yeah that's what I would have done if I wrote the book!

Posted by tec79

They are going to alternate arcs, Pak will likely write to each of their strengths.

Posted by BR_Havoc

Booths art is just terrible. I mean DC really loves that 90's look and now they gave him a top book not a good sign.

Edited by TheManInTheShoe
Edited by EnigmaLantern

What made me love this series so much was Jae Lee's art, if he's not on anymore then I can't see that much of a point to keep the series. Depends how the first issue with Booth goes - but I really do love Lee's art SO MUCH.

Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

I'm a fan of Pak but I was not really liking the art on the book, Lee's amazing but it didn't work for me. My favorite drawings usually fall around the Booth/Ramos/Bagley spectrum, I'll be checking out the issue! :)

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse


Posted by patrat18

Looks awsome.

Posted by Smallville2106

Looking forward to seeing it.

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

so who's handling Nightwing???? Shit! I loved him on that. :(

I like him better on his teen superheroes. His characters look really young all the time to me.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Love that Bogdanove cover :) But sure can't say no to Booth/Rapmund either...