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Exclusive: Avengers VS X-Men: Round 1 Teaser [Update]

The pairing ups continue and this time it's going to more than just Clobberin' Time.

We'be been seeing a lot of match ups for the upcoming AVENGERS VS X-MEN event beginning in April. Marvel has been release several teasers showing us the potential fights we will be seeing. The first batch of teasers we saw had Magneto vs. Iron Man and Psylocke vs. Black Widow. The next day we had Spider-Man vs. Iceman and Storm vs. Thor. Yesterday we saw Hulk vs. Emma Frost, Luke Cage vs. Beast as well as Ms. Marvel vs. Rogue.

Today Marvel has given us an exclusive look at one of today's teasers drawn by Dale Keown.

Colossus Vs. Thing. Benjamin J. Grimm is used to going toe to toe with the likes of Hulk but Colossus now possesses the power of the Juggernaut since becoming the avatar of Cyttorak. In other words, he's doing a lot more smashing these days. Hopefully Ben will be prepared and won't assume this is the regular old Colossus he's seen before.

== TEASER ==

Who would win this match up?

The biggest superhero brawl in the history of the Marvel Universe begins this April in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1!

Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX!
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FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 4/3/12

There will be some more teasers released later today. Stay tuned.


Marvel has released more teasers for today.

Daredevil vs. Archangel? I'm a little confused. I thought Archangel was "gone" and now we just have Angel. Well, it should be interesting if this actually happens.

The other teaser released today features Spider-Woman vs. Gambit.

With the way these too can charm the pants off the opposite sex, what do you think are the chances they actually fight each other?

Chances are we'll be seeing more match ups tomorrow.

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Posted by LordRequiem

Archangel back already? Strange. Gambit vs Spiderwoman interests me, a gentleman wouldn't beat up a woman.

Posted by Midnight Monk

@LordRequiem: Guess no one at Marvel read the best damn book out now Uncanny X-Force. That or the New Angel ain't gonna last very long

Posted by AgeofHurricane

@LordRequiem said:

Archangel back already? Strange. Gambit vs Spiderwoman interests me, a gentleman wouldn't beat up a woman.

@Midnight Monk said:

@LordRequiem: Guess no one at Marvel read the best damn book out now Uncanny X-Force. That or the New Angel ain't gonna last very long

They're called teaser's for a reason.

Posted by bunnieswithtophats

Interested to see Colossus with Cytorrak. Looks like the x-men are whooping a$#.

Posted by thatlad

If these teasers are how the series is going to play out then it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!

When they did this storyline 3 years ago (Utopia), Cyclops was very careful to never send x-men up against avengers 1 on 1, he had an army and deployed his resources according to each avenger. A good example being Armour, Pixie & X-23 taking down Daken. I know Cyclops ranks have been depleted lately but there is no way he send his troops up against the avengers unless the odds are in their favour.

Posted by kalonthar

I look forward to later on in the day when they post the 2 new covers of Captain America and Cyclops not fighting each other.

Posted by Alpha

They should have let it be Red Hulk and Colossus. A new Hulk vs a new Juggernaut.

Posted by Lion_Heart22

Confused.. isn't Angel like... a blank sheet now? Or have I missed somthing? Or is this just spoiler alert that he's going to revert back to being Archangel and throw the whole Dark Angel thing like it was trash?

Posted by lordgman31

can't wait can't wait can't wait

Posted by Walker696

the more fights they reveal the less interested I am in this, I feel like they are doing this just to make the X-Men look tough. These fights are rather boring because unless the X-men are written badly.............hmmmmmmm after seeing who's writing Avengers will win

Edited by iSnikt

Stoked to see Colossus VS The THING! 
Equally Stoked for Archangel to cut Daredevil into little bitty pieces of human play clay lol. 
Just wish the art for these fights is better than the previews, I really miss David Finch sigh.

Edited by iSnikt
@Fetts said:
Thing gets raped.
@Edgeworth_11 said:

Colossus doesn't need Cytorak to beat Grim.

Posted by daredevil21134

GO DAREDEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by NYStreets09e

Warning this may contain Favoritism!!!

Even though i know she isn't an Avenger, I hope and pray somehow, Someway we get another teaser pic with Elektra just so i can see what her X men opponent would be.... my guess would be Mystique but yea....

Posted by notarandomguy

I can't believe there's only six people that notice the fact that Archangel shouldn't be there... I mean everyone notice it with thor.... is it that hard to pick up X-Force?

Posted by jaredbright

I'm not even going to ask what is up with Collosus and the Juggernaut outfit. I haven't read the X-men books in a while. I see they got Dale Keown to draw the picture, atleast it looks cool. The only interior art Keown's done in the past few years is the Pitt/Darkness crossover and a few pages in other Top Cow books like the Darkness.

These aren't literal match-ups, right?

Posted by Mutie199

Archangel is back \m/

Posted by luckydomino1

really colossus vs the thing hello idiots colossus vs the hulk would have been way better i mean who the hell wants to see colossus vs the thing the match is pretty much one sided colossus is going to win

Posted by Toddmasters

Wait a minute they way that people talk about this series....Is this entire series just gonna a glorified "who would win in a fight with prep and if bloodlusted" blog discussion? 

Posted by Rolandthunder25

Angel vs DD...really?

Posted by frochez

So the whole 'Archangel is dead forever' thing looks like ti's going to last, what? all of four months? Nice one, Marvel, brilliant undermining of what has probably been one of the best character deaths in recent comic history.

Posted by PowerHerc

Normally Ben would defeat Colossus relatively easily but now that Colossus has the power of the Juggernaut, Ben is in trouble.

Posted by Red_Lightning_Alpha

the last teaser doesnt look like spider-woman and gambit are fighting, looks more like they're working together. i might be wrong though

Posted by Rickbarry

From the looks of the new cover Juggolossus is eying Red Hulk. What does it mean? Nada, but here's hoping! Colossus will murder Ben. Seems like a waste of a matchup.

Edited by thestarguy

Ben Grimm's experience , fighting skills and just plain toughness are more than enough to handle Colossus in his normal form, even with his strength increase. But the "juggernaut upgrade" is what complicates the issue. But just remember, a magical entity that is willing to change avatars once might be willing to do so again, especially if it finds what it perceives to be a better host... Also, in the old days, Ben always won against Namor if they fought on land; water of course was a different issue.

Posted by GothikKnight

Thing vs Colossus ... Thing wins.

Thing vs Unstoppable Colossus ... UC wins.

Spiky Thing vs Unstoppable Colossus ... Tie

Yes i remember and Liked the Spiky Thing era. His Strength and Durablility was off the charts.