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Exclusive: Avengers VS X-Men: Round 1 Teaser [Update]

The pairing ups continue and this time it's going to more than just Clobberin' Time.

We'be been seeing a lot of match ups for the upcoming AVENGERS VS X-MEN event beginning in April. Marvel has been release several teasers showing us the potential fights we will be seeing. The first batch of teasers we saw had Magneto vs. Iron Man and Psylocke vs. Black Widow. The next day we had Spider-Man vs. Iceman and Storm vs. Thor. Yesterday we saw Hulk vs. Emma Frost, Luke Cage vs. Beast as well as Ms. Marvel vs. Rogue.

Today Marvel has given us an exclusive look at one of today's teasers drawn by Dale Keown.

Colossus Vs. Thing. Benjamin J. Grimm is used to going toe to toe with the likes of Hulk but Colossus now possesses the power of the Juggernaut since becoming the avatar of Cyttorak. In other words, he's doing a lot more smashing these days. Hopefully Ben will be prepared and won't assume this is the regular old Colossus he's seen before.

== TEASER ==

Who would win this match up?

The biggest superhero brawl in the history of the Marvel Universe begins this April in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1!

Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX!
For more on Avengers VS X-Men, please visit
FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 4/3/12

There will be some more teasers released later today. Stay tuned.


Marvel has released more teasers for today.

Daredevil vs. Archangel? I'm a little confused. I thought Archangel was "gone" and now we just have Angel. Well, it should be interesting if this actually happens.

The other teaser released today features Spider-Woman vs. Gambit.

With the way these too can charm the pants off the opposite sex, what do you think are the chances they actually fight each other?

Chances are we'll be seeing more match ups tomorrow.

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Posted by Gambit1024

Wait.. Warren's ok?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I don't even know what to say about this....

Posted by The Impersonator

Archangel is back already? O____O?

Edited by HellionVulcan

Remember some times characters show up on covers but aren't in the issue as hopefully thats archangels/warrens deal .

Posted by G-Man

To find out about Warren, you guys need to read Uncanny X-Force #19 and this week's Wolverine and the X-Men #4.

Posted by BlackArmor

*Hits head on wall repeatedly*

Posted by Baddamdog

The Spider-Woman/Gambit image is pretty rad, odd pairing though. I guess it's coz they're both charmers

Posted by cobra88king8

THATS IT! I'm out. I'm openly protesting this event now that they included Archangel as back. Marvel, let be straight with you for second. You don't always have to keep the status quo. It's more interesting if you don't. I know the argument is it's better for new readers but if you really cared about it being for new readers you wouldn't have half of the story arcs you have already. Please Marvel just let new developments stay for 1-2 years before backtracking to same old, same old. Archangel can stay amnesiac, Thor can stay dead, Storm can stay on the Avengers. These events happened for a reason and there is no reason to go back on them less than a year later.

Well that's my rant.

Posted by Or35ti

Loving the Daredevil vs. Angel pairing! And Gambit vs. Spider-Woman should be interesting :)

Posted by cfrehse

as long as the hulk isnt with the avengers it should be pretty even

Posted by cacarl

Is that...Is that Gambit? He looks...

Posted by LB70145

@cobra88king8: These are just teasers/posters. I mean, remember back in Civil War when people like Wolverine and the Thing were on a lot of covers and ended up hardly being in the book. Perhaps some artist made this a long time ago. Or perhaps the timeline is all funky. I do agree with you though. It would be nice for things to actually stay changed for a longer than a year or two. Oh well.

Posted by lectriccolossus

@Edgeworth_11: exactly

Posted by War Killer

I thought Angel wasn't "Archangel" anymore? O_o

Posted by madrid_san

G-Man, Thing and Hulk USED to go toe to toe before you were born, kid. These days, he'd get killed by Hulk and Colossus. Colossus doesn't even need the upgrade to win.

Posted by Bestostero

Archangel!? interesting...and exciting! lol

Posted by reaper2923

I might actually have to get that

Posted by Skaddix

well assuming angel still has no memories daredevil might win. gambit and spider-women seems fair relatively. thing vs colossus though

Posted by Autopsad

I love Archangel and it was awesome to see him turning into a new Apocalypse, but THIS IS OVER ! Please, Marvel, i (nearly) never complain, but going back with Archangel only weeks after he developped a new persona really sucks ! X-Force is the best X series and you're already bruising it... Shame on you ! and shame on this sh**ty crossover !!!

Posted by Phaedrusgr

Your helmet, goddammit...

Posted by iLLituracy


Why does Angel look like that?

Posted by growup

X-men take all 3 of these matchups....shame its the only 3 they will take

Posted by maikkywin
Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head
So archangels back .
Posted by natejoseph09

Yay finally, cakewalk for Gambit.

Posted by GothamRed

wait isn't angel empty and pure now, but I think gambit vs spider-woman is a good fight

Posted by stormphoenix

it looks like gambit and spider-woman arnt facing each other looks like they are attacking something together

Posted by movieartman

WORST DRAWING OF SPIDERWOMAN EVER rob bloody liefeld would be proud of that image. i undertsand that ramos is VERY exagerative artist but my god thats absurd

Posted by fps_dean

@madrid_san said:

G-Man, Thing and Hulk USED to go toe to toe before you were born, kid. These days, he'd get killed by Hulk and Colossus. Colossus doesn't even need the upgrade to win.

Yeah I remember those days (or technically the time in comics where that was the case, which was before I could remember anything, or at the very least, read I think).

Posted by fps_dean

@cfrehse said:

as long as the hulk isnt with the avengers it should be pretty even

I was just thinking the same thing... and Thor too.

Posted by InnerVenom123

@k4tzm4n said:

I sincerely hope these are just teasers to help promote the event and not the actual matches.

You and everyone else.

Posted by pspin

Gambit vs Spiderwoman would be a cool fight, Spiderwoman would probably win unless Gambit became death

Posted by sora_thekey

So this is not just an X-Men thing? It also involves X-Force and Jean Grey School Faculty... Curiouser and curiouser.

Posted by tjx_penn

is there like a tournament style bracket or what? cause round 1 & 2 match ups seemed to favor the avengers, but these new ones suggest that the x men will dominate. im just glad that the marvel guys said there would definitely be a winner and loser, no draws or cop outs like in civil war.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

@InnerVenom123 said:

@k4tzm4n said:

I sincerely hope these are just teasers to help promote the event and not the actual matches.

You and everyone else.


Posted by Pyro_Jack

Well, now those are ones I'd like to see. At least it isn't that obvious who's gonna win. I'm very excited about Rogue vs. Miss Marvel too, time to see if Rogue will win again. I hope she wins, but it's more likely for Miss Marvel to win this one.

Posted by SkybornLord

Assuming these fights did happen, a lot of them seem like they'd be one-sided.

Posted by ripjim93

I think the Daredevil fight will be a really good one.

Posted by sora_thekey

Carol and Rogue fight in Paris while Peter and Ben fight in Russia? What's going on?!


Nice, but who gets Humperdinck?

Posted by KGeezle

I've obviously missed out on quite a bit. If it's the Heroic Age, why are superteams battling each other?

Edited by maikkywin


Only answer .


Posted by obscurefan

... You got to be kidding me. Please, Marvel, could you please stop spoiling your stories in the freaking promos for them? Archangel being in this promo spoils his eventual return.

Posted by KGeezle

@maikkywin: Lol of course, should have known.

Edited by _Zombie_

Most of these fights are so horribly one-sided, that it's not funny. Please Marvel, just let these be stupid teasers..

Posted by saoakden

Thing vs Colossus that looks like Juggernaut looks like an interesting fight like the Hulk vs. The Thing. I thought Archangel was gone or is it some AoA business coming into Earth- 616? Gambit vs. Spider-Woman, should be fun to an extent. I'm more interested why Archangel and Hulk are doing in these battles. Last I checked Hulk hasn't been an Avenger since it was founded in the 60's. So why is he fighting with them now?

Posted by Cafeterialoca

You missed one!

Cap vs. Wolverine!

Edited by nonfiction91

archangel and DD makes no damned sense to me, DD just got his membership and Archangel is erased

@movieartman said:

WORST DRAWING OF SPIDERWOMAN EVER rob bloody liefeld would be proud of that image. i undertsand that ramos is VERY exagerative artist but my god thats absurd

jeez, yeah I see what you mean, she's too long, looks like reed Richards or something.

Edited by SilentButcher

I'm surprised at all the complaining about these fights...wait no I'm really not. I'm actually excited for this particular event even though I'm just as sick of these Marvel "events" as everybody else. Reason being I'm just going to take it for what it is, and that is a big ass whoop fest between the Avengers and X-Men. Don't even really care who wins or what happens cause let's all face it, some or possibly many fights will be decided according to the plot or writer bias. To me that just comes with the comic book territory. Also really like the idea of having two separate books in which one focuses strictly on the fights.

Posted by Gscythe

what is with Gambit's face?

Posted by Static Shock

@1fearless1 said:

Wow JIM CHEUNG's art work is AMAZINGLY beautiful, very similar to Dale Keown's hmmm...Now give us some Asian male superhero Jim! Oh NO! How disappointing, they go Romita the SUPER WORST artist to draw? He and George Perez should leave permanently! They both SUCK I don't know why they're still around.

What's the deal with Colossus? When did he intertwined with Juggernaut to look like this? Were they both FAGs? How did I miss that?

Refrain from using such language in the future, please.

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