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Everything You Wanted To Know About...CODPIECE!

But were afraid to ask.


Top 5 Gadgets that should've made CODPIECE a household name.

1. Powerful Cannon at his crotch gives new meaning to "shooting his load."

2. The Dual Boxing Gloves (AKA, the Tickler or Rabbit)

3.  Ultra Sound emitter gets right in your head.

4.  He's good at drilling.

5. Giant comical scissors to circumcise any sticky situation.

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Posted by SuperCoonce


Posted by Korg

This thread is not empty. I say the title is misleading.

Posted by inferiorego

Should I cover the kids' eyes?

Posted by Hawk

PSST! Best character ever.

Posted by No_Name_

Ha! Gross and a half.O_O

Posted by The_Martian


Posted by Darth Balls

Scary truly.

Posted by EisforExtinction

Codpiece = Masterpiece

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Posted by The_Martian

Consider it dugg mister LAMP

Posted by Irving Forbush

he needs a sidekick.  maybe The Wunderbra!

Posted by xerox_kitty

After a while, it starts to sound like carpeace... :p

Posted by Dane

what an ownage character

Posted by AtPhantom

Codpiece is a household name? something's wrong in that sentence.

Posted by G-Man

Just imagine the action figure accessories.  I say it's time for him to make a comeback.

Posted by Asymmetrical

haha! wow...I think this is more than I wanted to know... O_o

Posted by Decept-O

G-Man, you did NOT just say "it's time for him to make a comeback" did you?   *you did*  Bwaa Haa Haa!!!!

Posted by AtPhantom

Parents, do you want to emotionally scar your kids for life? then buy them the codpiece action figure. It comes with five interchangeable codpieces, ensuring your kids will have hours of fun with it. Not recommended for kids under the age of 3 as they might swallow pieces.

I feel a part of my soul just died...

Posted by LordAndrew

So what lesson can we learn from this?

Posted by geraldthesloth

codpiece ftw!

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Inspector Gadget was codpiecing back in the day. He just never advertised it.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Go!  Go!  Gadget Cannon!?!

Posted by G-Man
Decept-O said:
"G-Man, you did NOT just say "it's time for him to make a comeback" did you?   *you did*  Bwaa Haa Haa!!!!"
Let me just say that I paused when typing and had to actually backspace and re-type the sentence.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I (sadly ) already knew  this, beaten by having your "robo-cock" melted by a tranny. hands down one of the most patheticlly hilarious characters ever. as for a comeback......  why not! bring him back to have him brutally murdered in a huge sweeping crossover for all to see. JLA & JSA vs. the mighty CODPIECE!!!!!!

Posted by Darkchild

this is freaking hilarious

Posted by Paragon

Oh god! So many pun-uendos.... My brain hurts.

Posted by Darkchild

tomorrow at work every word that i say will be


Posted by Samuraikenpo

I think i just sharded in my pants i laughed so hard

Posted by mattydeNero

This guy has Grant Morrison written all over it.

Posted by Mr.Voo the Doo

maybe it also acts as a fire extinguisher (innuendo) LOL

Posted by The Human Stain

This is classic.  I like the guy that said "Codpiece" in the video.  He was good.

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Posted by Da Talking Beaver

I was sort of sad that you didn't have any ladies saying his name. I would loved seeing how would Babs said it.

Posted by G-Man
Da Talking Beaver said:
"I was sort of sad that you didn't have any ladies saying his name. I would loved seeing how would Babs said it."
Dude, I tried.  She was supposed to but missed the deadline.  I couldn't wait to unleash the video upon everyone.  She felt bad for missing the chance to be a part of history....or so she said.
Posted by Media_Master

can't say anything else but, WHAT???!!!

Posted by Venom=sickest

that was honestly one of the least funny videos I've seen on this site.

All those dudes who would interrupt and say "CODPIECE" were really lame (and probably lacking down there).

Just stick to your normal vids, G-MAN.

Posted by CoinMatze

Duder, what's up with the insinuations about other people's... uh sizes. Trying to compensate for something? I liked the Whiskey Media crossover. I love how they all get along so well. Also: codpiece leads to intimacy

Posted by Vance Astro

Awwww she melted his little wang cannon.

Posted by leky

woo giant bomb guys!

Posted by Noir-Bot

I feel so small...

Posted by Silkcuts

G-Man your jokes!
I can't believe I just found this now.
So I wonder if Codpiece is retired and the editors won't let him be used since Doom Patrol is back in the DCU?
I wonder if Codpiece would take on a pimp like John Constantine, or if she can get it up from Madame Xanadu.

Posted by sethysquare

lol this is hilarious.

Posted by lifeofvibe

What the FLAGNOG!