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Edward Norton Refutes Riddler Rumors

Did any of you seriously believe this?

 This was taken probably right after somebody asked him this question again.

It’s kind of ridiculous that Ed Norton has to publically refute those rumors about him playing the Riddler. The whole thing started basically because he was asked about departing from the HULK and he said that he’d love to be involved in a Nolan BATMAN movie because those are the best superhero movies out there, right now. One of the reporters asked if he’d like to be the Riddler and he said he’d maybe be interested.   That was it. He hasn’t been the offered the role and he hasn’t had any meetings about it.

Here’s what he said to the Toronto Sun (and thanks to ckal for the heads' up!)

“I hear about [rumors about what roles] I'm going to be doing all the time from people and I wish my life was half as interesting as the things I hear."

So there you go. I really doubt Eminem’s going to bother to refute his Riddler rap rumors, either.  

The last official statement is that Nolan and his crew are still writing BATMAN 3 and they’re still figuring out what they’re going to do. Maybe the Riddler’s going to be the villain, maybe not. Maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Leo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy will be bad guys in it, maybe not. There’s really no telling, right now.

I’d honestly prefer the Riddler not to be in it simply because we’ve seen him so many times before. I think it’d be more fun if they dug a little deeper into the rogue’s gallery and featured some bad guys who are as just memorable and just as creepy. I’m talking about characters like Black Mask, the Ventriloquist and even some post-Soviet update of the KGBeast. The Riddler’s had his shot - - give them a turn. But until we start seeing any official announcements, keep in mind that everything’s going to be speculation.

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Posted by The Impersonator

Edward Norton is a great actor. I hate to see that he's out of the Avengers movie. And they are saying he's not collaborative? Didn't they just see how he acted as the better Banner/Hulk in The Incredible Hulk movie? Stupid.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Now unlike the Bradley Cooper rumored casting, this is a good thing. Ed Norton is a fantastic actor and can became the character he plays.
Posted by Chibi-Iroh

I honestly hope that Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Huggo Strange are the villians.

Posted by Red Rum

I heard a rumor that comedian Jeff Dunham was going to play the Ventriloquist... which makes sense since Jeff is a ventriloquist, himself.

Posted by Lustwish

Whatever keeps people gabbin about nothing. 

Posted by Chibi-Iroh
@Red Rum:  That would be interesting.
Posted by junkmasterzero
@Red Rum: I think I would stop watching movies altogether if that happened.
Posted by Darth Paul

In other news Robbin Williams still wants to be the Riddler after he didn't get the part the first time that Jim Carrey did. ;-D

Posted by Tainted-Cell

It really does get obnoxious with time. Remember (of course you all remember) the Christian Bale craze when fanboys and fangirls alike wanted him cast in any and everything they could think of? Then the Terminator set tantrum got leaked, and people lost a bit of interest.
Look at the most recent bit of news concerning the Spider-man reboot. Who could have guessed with confidence that relatively unknown Rhys Ifans would be cast as the main villain? Moral of the story is... think outside the box.

Posted by carnivalofsins00

thought this may not be true, how i wish it were.

Posted by crusader8463

Too good to be true.

Posted by Decept-O

@Tom Pinchuk:  No disrespect towards you.  I just can't understand your choice for The Ventriloquist.   However, are you thinking of updating him in some fashion?  
Babs had the good suggestion of Lady Shiva I believe.     
Posted by GraveSp

what about like a better adaptation of Bane.  Make him like he is in the comic, the man who broke the bat not like a mute muscle head like in Batman and Robin

Posted by Jordanstine
@The Impersonator said:
"Edward Norton is a great actor. I hate to see that he's out of the Avengers movie. And they are saying he's not collaborative? Didn't they just see how he acted as the better Banner/Hulk in The Incredible Hulk movie? Stupid. "
An Observation:  Edward Norton - his Roles and his Rewrites

"Not Collaborative" is an understatement.  
Great actor, big ego.
Posted by Wurm

I'm a big fan of the darker tone of the movies.  Riddler just seems too cartooney in my opinion.  I would love to see Mr.  Zsasz.

Posted by ckal

How about a villain that is a physical threat to Batman. Someone who can really test him in combat. Deathstroke or somebody would be cool.

Posted by J1ml33

I am Edward`s broken ribs ?

Posted by Jotham

He's not bad, but he needs to stay the heck away from films I care about. 
How about Deadshot? He was pretty cool in Gotham Knight.

Edited by Anwar

I would love to see Dr. Hugo Strange in this, it would be totally awesome, and he should unveil Batman's identity, because Wayne needs a doc after the death of Rachel and he has an appointment with Strange, (this is my perfect-dream-scenario, but any kind of story involving Strange is fine with me)

 just look at him

Posted by DropSolo

After some talk
Of Killer Croc
and Riddler (been there, done that),
I want to see 
in CG
Kirk Langstrom as the Man-Bat!

Posted by wallywest55

u got to think of what film nolan has done in the past. No way would ventriloquist, manbat, fit what he has done. To be fair 2 face and joker both got there shot b4 nolan and got shown justice by nolan. I don't see any reason as too why riddler cant be shown justice. I hope its riddler.

Posted by DropSolo
@wallywest55: How would you do it? I mean, what version of The Riddler would you use? What would the plot be like? Nolan's version of the Joker was the most original use of the character I've ever seen, thanks to Ledger but what could he do with Mr. Nigma?
Posted by wallywest55

U r asking me questions that nolan hasn't come up with so i couldnt tell u. He could do something legit tho. he has done it so well so far. Riddlers riddles fit nolans mo tho. Riddler is one of the few villains that make u actually think about what he is planning on doing. so i can def. see mr. nigma doing some work.

Posted by BradBrains

ventriloquist would rule. male or female version.  Peyton Riley in new one would be a really interesting concept 

Posted by batmanboy11

That rumor may have been bogus, but somebody SHOULD offer him the role.
Posted by AirDave817
@The Impersonator said:
"Edward Norton is a great actor. I hate to see that he's out of the Avengers movie. And they are saying he's not collaborative? Didn't they just see how he acted as the better Banner/Hulk in The Incredible Hulk movie? Stupid. "

Amen. Well said. 
I think Edward Norton would be a great Edward Nigma, The Riddler. If they can't get him, maybe they could get that guy from 500 Days of SummerG.I. Joe and Third Rock
Jim Carrey could have been a great Riddler. He was just mis-directed... 
Posted by brc2000

I dunno, I'd still like to see a Riddler. It would be interesting to see a darker and more serious Riddler than the one in the 1995 film. Though even though Norton is one of my all time favorite actors, he doesn't really seem like RIddler material to me.
I'd love to see Nolan's take on someone like Mad Hatter (possibly as a creepy pedo or something), but I doubt it'll happen now seeing that an Alice movie was just  recently released.  Ventriloquist would be awesome but somehow I doubt mainsteam audiences would buy into the whole Scarface thing. I know they used him in the animated thing, but Deadshot would be awesome as well. I know that people are hoping to see them but I'm not too interested in Catwoman, especially if she's going to be the main villain. Ditto with Quinn.
I don't think we'll ever see character's like Croc, Ivy, Clayface or Man-Bat in a Nolan movie, so there's no point in mentioning them. 

Edited by mrfizzer
@Wurm: He was in Batman Begins but only for a couple of minutes. But yeah, to have him as a main villain would be interesting. I don't think they will though because they will probaby go with more recognisable (to larger audiences) characters or more cartoony characters aka. Killer Croc, Clayface, Riddler, Bane, Harley etc.
Edit: woah sorry, didn't see there was a page 2. My reply was for an old-ish post
Posted by RiddlingGambit

You do know there will be more than one villain right? Arguing that Riddler shouldn't be used because he was used before (funny how that argument is never used on The Joker) seems to harbor a hint of jealousy. I think having one brainy creepy villain (Riddler or Hugo Strange) & a mass-murdering creepy villain (Black Mask) would balance things out & appease a large demographic of fans. I just don't think people who argue Riddler shouldn't be in the movie don't realize he'd be interpreted extremely different in a Nolan movie than he was in Batman Forever or Batman (1966). How is that more of the same?

Posted by abedrak

I don't know about Riddler being the next villain, maybe it could be cool, maybe not. But I've been thinking, Penguin is not that of a complicated character to put in a Nolan movie (at least not his comic book counterpart) and if Nolan puts him as the mobster he is fighting with Black Mask for the Gotham underground leadership with Batman in the middle trying to get the two of them would be awesome, realistic and in tone for the Nolan Batman franchise.    

Posted by mrfizzer

If Dent is back in it then it may be too similar.

Posted by angryamazon
@The Impersonator said:
" Edward Norton is a great actor. I hate to see that he's out of the Avengers movie. And they are saying he's not collaborative? Didn't they just see how he acted as the better Banner/Hulk in The Incredible Hulk movie? Stupid. "
totally! I <3 eric bana but norton was AMAZING as hulk
Posted by DropSolo
@RiddlingGambit: The reason they never use that argument with the Joker is because even the non-comic book reading public recognize him. Same reason Luthor is in most of the Superman flicks. The rest of Batman's foes are not that well-known and haven't been as broadly interpreted as the Joker has, so it's hard to imagine any director putting the Riddler from Hush on the screen. The Riddler will never be compared to Keiser Soze.
Posted by ComicCrazy

I'm all for Killer Croc.

again, Bane and Catwoman. 
they would mesh well with Nolans style, and i want to see how he competes
with Burton.

Posted by ragdollpurps

i'll be happy as long i get my catwoman, but i really think that michael c. hall would be an amazing riddler.

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

Ventriloquist would be to goofy no?  Doesn't matter really, off of track record whotever they decide I think the product will be good.. Then again how can you top the Joker?

Posted by Crymsun

I think that Hush would be a great choice, but I'd be happy with Riddler, Bane or Mad-Hatter.  I wouldn't be opposed to see Harley Quinn or Lady Shiva as secondary villains.
Edited by brc2000

Well, as long as they don't go with like Tobias Whale, it should be alright.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

Posted by warpedsaint_ofthe_sun

This was my 1st thought leaving the theater after seeing The Dark Knight.... I'm real sad that it he is not gonna be the Riddler.